TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Review - Do You Even Game Bro?

You’d think PlatinumGames getting behind another iconic 90s franchise would be a sure homerun, but unfortunately even a pair of rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia spliced with beer goggles couldn’t make this game palatable.

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CoNn3r_B1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

"Couldn’t make this game palatable." but then you give it a 5/10. A 5/10 is an average game, if you think the game is bad it should be a 4/10 or lower.
1/10 - Terrible, broken mess
2/10 - Terrible
3/10 - Really bad but had some good things
4/10 - bad game (below average)
5/10 - Average game, nothing new, nothing special but functional
6/10 - Above average game
7/10 - Good game
8/10 - Great game
9/10 - Brilliant game
10/10 - Exceptional game

Personally I would give TMNT: MiM a 6/10, I found it to be fun in a lot of ways but like you said there is too much going on at once.

Shadow0fTheDog1785d ago

Whoops, didn't mean to disagree. Even though 5/10 is 50%, I don't think that means average, although of course it's all fairly subjective. To me, an average game sits somewhere around 6. This is the problem with review scores I suppose.

Lilrizky1783d ago

And who made you ruler of the numbered systems?

a 5 to you is different to someone else's.

Personally I wouldn't play anything under a 7. a 7 to me is an average game, 75-80 is good, 80-85 is great, 85-90 is fantastic, 90+ is pretty much masterpiece.

Anything below 7 is not worth my time.

Deathpreacher1785d ago

way deserved a better score 9.5/10

theIndianNoob1785d ago

I think taking out the couch co-op from this game, was the biggest mistake. Who doesn't want to sit down with their siblings/friends and control the Turtles. It would have made an half-assed game feel better. Instead its exclusion made a half-assed game even more half-assed.