Updated $20 sale on PS4 games include DriveClub, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and more

An updated list of PS4 games discounted to below $20 includes DriveClub ($19.96), Final Fantasy Type-0 HD ($16.17) and more.

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Germany72440d ago

I still need to play Type-0.

Kurisu2439d ago

You're not missing much, really. There's some fun gameplay with the various different characters but overall it's extremely flat for a Final Fantasy game.

thejigisup2439d ago

that was the second final fantasy game i traded in just after final fantasy x-2.

Kurisu2434d ago


I've kept my copy. Even though it isn't the greatest I'd feel like I'd regret it and immediately want to play it again after, even though I have no intentions of doing so xD

2440d ago