How XBLA is Screwing the Little Guy

What was once billed as a tool to uplift indie developers has become just another method of trampling the little guy. What happened to XBLA?

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chaosatom3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

If someone had the time to read the article. It clearly states that Braid guy is getting screwed because he isn't making as much profit as he deserves for the game. Lots of his profits are lost through Microsoft.

Big companies benfit but he didn't as much. I don't know what sony's policies are but he would atleast make some more money unless Microsoft bought his exclusive rights.

chaosatom3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

What's more upsetting was When they said that Community is going to create XBL games for each other and everything is going to be free.

But then Microsoft decided to change its policy.

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gamesR4fun3755d ago

yep but really are you surprised?

y0haN3754d ago

It's upsetting that XBL's ideology was based on making tons of money from everything (see Valve TF2 updates on 360).

Scarfy3754d ago

And this is why console manufacturers should put out free hobby SDKs, allow users to create their own games and share them online via a community portal.

The portal could be ad supported or require a annual charge of something pathetically small like $10 or $20 a year to join.

Creators could them share in the revenue based on the amount of activity they are generating.

(Note - Idea works in theory, but probably wouldn't work at all in real time)

mfwahwah3754d ago

"unless Microsoft bought his exclusive rights."

Jonathan Blow (the Braid guy) said that there is a possibility of Braid showing up on PSN. He wasn't hinting anything, just said that it's not out of the question.

PimpHandStrong3754d ago

Braid $15

Eden about 20 hours to finish

Braid 4 hours

yea XBL is a joke and the only reason you pay to play online is so MS can get the hooks in and start fukn you!

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Chris Hansen3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

There's a reason why soo many developers are now switching to the PSN for their games. Why go through Microsoft's ridiculous royalties and size limitations? Hell, Microsoft even charges you a huge royalty for each additional DVD on retail games. WTF?

SolidSnake933755d ago

Yeah using DVD's is Microsoft fault anyway.

Chris Hansen3755d ago

Microsoft charges you additionally per DVD because they put there Xbox security architecture in all their DVD games.

dericb113755d ago

It's so funny they crap security still gets by-passed on a regular basis lol. MS should stand for Making SH*T cause they have screwed up more than Hilary did.(BTW I like Hilary but we all know some of her lose was her fault).

rroded3754d ago

ya ms security is a joke the 360 was hacked b4 it hit retail then charging for it rofl

lets hope all the bad press makes em smarten up a bit XD

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Enigma_20993755d ago

... are simply putting more coin in Microsoft's pocket, instead of his...

that's all kinds of f***** up....

The Lazy One3755d ago

he's making more money than if they didn't publish it.

Enigma_20993755d ago

... and he'd make even more if they didn't take such a huge cut....

mfwahwah3754d ago

You know he was in the red even after the game was on sale for a week or so, right? So yeah, I guess you're right... but are you really implying that it was worth it for him?

He'd be better off selling copies of his game on the street.

The Lazy One3754d ago

you know what else is in the red for a week after release? ALMOST EVERY THING EVER SOLD EVER.

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deno3755d ago

I used to be a huge supporter of xbox live but within time I would rather support psn.

Harry1903755d ago

But its business. Business is motivated by profits. Business does not have a heart. Well, it's the usual Microsoft tactic.
I really am not sure about how Sony deals with PSN games, so I can't comment or compare. I always thought that except for Big company games like Bionic Commando or 1942: Joint Strike, they buy the studios and fund the projects entirely. Just like what they did for Flow.

dericb113755d ago

Sony made be a little better at it seeing as there Gaming Division has been around for like 13 years now.

aaquib53754d ago

Then why does Apple give their developers a 70% cut off of every app they sell? Why does Sony not impose size limitations or restrictions on what is possible on the PSN?

Business can have a heart. Microsoft can't.

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