XCM Cable Hooks Up Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2

If you're lucky enough to have an Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2 or any combination of those, this XCM XFPS 360 multicomponent cable v2 can hook you up. Just flip a switch and you can toggle between all of your machines.

If you're rich enough to have all those consoles, this cable's $29.99 price won't bother you.

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likeaboss3025445d ago

But if your into image quality these cables probably aren't for you. I have a feeling that won't be able to pass a 1080P signal from a 360 to a TV without some kind of ghosting. I could be wrong though.

Silver Bull3t5445d ago (Edited 5445d ago )

Great and all, but why didn't they combine the audio feeds into a single 5.1 toslink interface intead of crappy stereo RCAs? Then there'd be absolutely no aditional switching to do... just select the console and done.

It looks like we'd still have to select between at least optical(360s integrated optical) and RCA inputs (Wii/PSs) on our ht receivers.

I can't even tell if the PS3/2 adapter plug HAS it's own optical out like the 360s... or the Wii for that matter. If that's the case and I owned a PS3 or Wii I'd be pissed.

... need to get a better look at this thing.

Voodoochild5445d ago (Edited 5445d ago )

The PS3 has an optical out just like the 360 does. I don't use it though. Instead I use the HDMI pure digital out for audio and video. Sounds great on my Onkyo TX-SR703 THX Select 2 receiver. Oh the glorious sound.