7 First-Person Shooters That Deserve More Credit

Which under-appreciated FPS adventures should you be playing?

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Majin-vegeta2011d ago

I would put KZ2 over KZ3.Hence they tried attracting the cod crowd.

SCW19822010d ago

Playing through Shadowfall on Hard right now and enjoying it immensely. Story and acting are weak but gunplay and atmosphere are superb. I feel you have to play it on hard in order to really understand what the owl and superb cover system bring to the genre. Extremely under appreciated in my opinion.

Yui_Suzumiya2010d ago

Sadly I couldn't even finish it on easy due to the difficulty :(
A shame because I love the story and loved the original trilogy.

Sciurus_vulgaris2010d ago

Crysis 2 and 3, had generally fun multiplayer deathmatch, but the less than dog crap netcode killed the enjoyment fast.

Fist4achin2010d ago

All of these games named were fun. I enjoyed them all. I give a lot of credit to the story of Resistance 3 and the hilarious nature of Bulletstorm. Recommended if you haven't played those games.

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