Developers Debunk Rumor That PS4 Neo Exists Due To PlayStation VR's Problems With Regular PS4

Several game developers have debunked a rumor that portrayed the PlayStation 4 Neo as necessary due to the limits PlayStation VR would have with regular PS4.

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Eonjay877d ago

Well, there you go. If a developer with the device sitting next to him says PS4 is fine for VR and other claims are BS... its probably BS.

Erik7357876d ago

I mean look at the games youve seen running on ps4's any of them not look like a ps3 game to you?

Aenea876d ago

Do any of the PC VR games look any different to you?

To me it seems they are trying stuff out, to see what works and is fun with VR, after a while once they have a better idea of that they will go full out in the graphics department. Only when that happens I feel we might see differences in graphics with PC and PSVR, but you never know what they can squeeze out of the PS4 still, look at Uncharted 4...

Agent_hitman877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

Maybe the rumored PS4 Neo is in fact a PS5 slated for 2019 release date. Console manufacturers are spending billions of dollars for R&D and 3-4 years development of the console successor before they release it.

Just like Ps4 when the first rumor came out in 2010, it was stated in the news that the Alpha SDK of PS4 was in fact based on a Quad core AMD A10 processor instead of Jaguar. So it all makes sense Sony to start inventing on the PS5 R&D at this early stage, instead of just upgrading it.

I have a feeling that the PS4K is just a minor upgrade to support 4K TVs or UHD playbacks.

nitus10876d ago

The PS4 can already display 4K content @ 30fps what it can't do is play the new three layer BluRay disks which were only just ratified a year ago.To output 4K @60fps you also need HDMI V2.0 or higher.

Upgrading the PS4 to the PS4K (whatever) with a three layer BluRay and HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 would not really require retooling and would result in the improved PS4 being only slightly dearer than the existing PS4 and would not split the user base since game performance would not change.

Fist4achin876d ago

It's going to be a slim model...