Ghost Recon: Wildlands reappears from the shadows with new gameplay trailer

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is back, and its latest trailer wants to remind you just how good it looked at E3 last year. New info on collector's editions, plus a new trailer.

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lelo2play2437d ago

Please, don't let this game be online only...

ginsunuva2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

It'll probably be like the Division.

hells_supernova2436d ago

It was not suppose to be.

Says Single player!!!! YAY!

Fingers crossed I can run around this world and enjoy it offline

sonarus2436d ago

I honestly can't remember the last time I played a good ghost recon game. Maybe early Xbox 360 ghost recon which is like 10 yrs ago. Can't get hyped for this at all. Same goes for rainbow 6 both used to be such great games

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

"Ghost Recon Wildlands isn’t simply an open-world game that allows for cooperative play – it’s built specifically for four players. Making its four Ghosts – each with their own upgradable skills – work together is a huge part of its open-ended approach to strategy. It’s so important, in fact, that if you’re playing solo, you’ll be assisted by three AI partners"

I've read nothing about it being online only. It CAN be played online only if you want, but I've read nothing regarding the game relying on servers to exist.

@gin- I actually disagree because Ubisoft day 1 told us The Division was a online , open world, rpg.

This game states nothing of the sort, not even slightly. You're partners can be A.I if you are playing alone...

alfcrippinjr2436d ago

correct you can not really trust them saying it a open world game

wen the division was not

so they lie a lot these games companys other meaning false advertisement

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

Soooooo I don't know what you're talking about.

It was stated day 1 to be online, open world, rpg. What isn't open world about The Division? You have a new meaning for the term or something lol

I'm sorry buddy but you are the first I've heard state The Division was no open world.

In English please, how is it not open world and how did they "lie"?

Its easy to make a baseless claim, can you back it up?

Vegamyster2436d ago

They said last year that you can play single player and the AI will fill the slots, Alone = 3 bots, two people = two bots ect.

Bathyj2436d ago

Are the bots controllable through commands, or better yet are we able to switch between them?

I really miss games where you could give squad commands. Ghost Recon, Rainbow 6, Conflict Desert Storm, Brothers in Arms, Full Spectrum Warrior. If this is just another military 3rd person shooter with unlikable characters and AI bots just following you around but not listening to commands I dont know that Im that interested. Having Command gives a whole nother layer of strategy which most modern games lack. After Rainbow 6 took out everything I loved about that franchise I dont really have much hope for this.

Anyone else notice how homogenized Ubisofts games look? They all just sort of blend in together. The animation, the augmented reality overlays. They really need to try to differentiate them a bit better and give each one its own flavour and style.

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

"Anyone else notice how homogenized Ubisofts games look? They all just sort of blend in together. The animation, the augmented reality overlays"

What? Huh? Buddy, Ubisoft isn't 1 studios, they have many studios that are working on many different games, I'm not even sure their Snowdrop engine that was used on The Division will be used on other titles, I think this title is actually using The Snowdrop engine, but For Honor, Far Cry, last year's AC title etc are not using the same engine, thus.....what are you talking about?

The same teams are not even making those games. I think you buy a bit too much into the BS you hear on here. How can you tell a "ubisoft game" from another game when they could be using different engines and by different teams? can you tell 1 Ubisoft TEAM from another Ubisoft team when they are different teams, using different engines?

If you took ReSpawn and you made the make Titanfall 2 under Ubisoft, does it LOOK like a Ubisoft game?


That is like saying if I take KFC chicken, put it in Wal Mart does it taste like Wal Mart......

I mean...when the chief is different, how on earth are you stating it taste like something based on Wal Mart when it may not be the same chiefs ie how can you state "ubisofts games" when they have many different teams using many different engines?

I know you understand the publisher isn't the developer, but you're post sure sounds like you're confused about the team that makes the game, and the publisher that markets the game. You are talking about different teams.....

cleft52436d ago

It will have Denuvo drm almost certainly and that is pretty much the same thing as always online.

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TheCatsMeow2437d ago

Damn, that's how you do a trailer. This game looks gorgeous. Co-op makes it a day one for me.

Errorist762436d ago

It's an Ubisoft trailer so don't get your hopes up too high.

Dabigkahuna762436d ago

Xbox Scorpio is coming it's gonna be better than this

Errorist762436d ago


Hope you're not disappointed by the actual truth if you believe stuff like this.

starchild2436d ago

No, because I don't get hung up on games looking exactly the same as their earliest trailers. I know that games usually go through artistic and technical changes throughout development. What really matters is the finished product and whether it plays well and looks great. Ubisoft have made some of the best looking games of the generation (The Division, AC Unity, Far Cry Primal, etc) and that is what matters to me as far as graphics go, not whether there has been some discrepancy from early trailers.

EazyC2437d ago

Wow, looks lovely. Hope it delivers!

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

This team did the previous Ghost Recon games, I think they will do a great job with this title. The concept sounds amazing! Sounds like MGSV meets Ghost Recon. Very excited to hear more about this game. It set for a 2016 release, so I hope it meets its date.

pompombrum2437d ago

After playing Overwatch that trailer looked so damn generic. Hopefully like with Rainbow Six Siege, Ubi take Ghost Recon back to it's tactical roots and they'll definitely get a purchase from me.

Utalkin2me2437d ago

Fill me in on what you thought was generic about it.

Kornholic2437d ago

Talking about generic, Overwatch played like a typical free-to-play shooter.

SoulMikeY2437d ago


I love Blizzard so much I almost bought Overwatch on developer name alone. After the beta, I wouldn't take money to play that game. It's so generic and not fun.

TwoForce2436d ago

Yeah, I agree. This one looks interesting. I have been keeping my radar on this one.

Khaotic2436d ago

Why because you went good

Psychotica2437d ago

lol..that's like saying "After a day of watching Nickelodeon that R rated movie on Cinemax just doesn't cut it.."

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

...from a person that is playing TF2 clone? Um....sure.

Enjoy Team For....I mean...Battlebor....I mean Overwatch...yes? Did I get that right? That is what we are talking about right?

RedTfox2436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

Get out off here with this Trashwatch, me and lots of other players like real war games not that silly willy shotter.

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Movefasta19932437d ago

WHat i love about Ubisoft is that they release a lot of new IP.A lot of them don't live up to the hype, but they are still good games.

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

Agreed. Well they have to keep up, they are below Activision and EA and I think its a great idea they always replace their top IPs every single gen. ala Sony.

Maybe this will give them the edge. I think it does personally. I didn't care for AC last gen, but Watchdogs has me interested. I think keeping things fresh allows for new consumers to enter you're market. I haven't bought an Activision game in ages ,since COD MW2. Oh boy, I haven't bought a Activsion game since 2009 lol!

From Ubisoft, this gen, I bought Child Of Light, got ZombiU for free from PSN Plus and thats about it.

I plan on getting Wildlands, For Honor, Watchdogs 2 likely. Some change is GREAT for a publisher as If I stopped playing their older IPs, I have no real reason to return for its sequels. I haven't bought a Ubisoft games besides this gen, since AC1.

The fact that I'm already set to buy around 3 is a massive improvement imho. I don't think this will get them beating Activision or EA or anything, but I think it will drastically help the company in the long haul.

Movefasta19932436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

you haven't played ac2 or far cry 3? You're missing out.

_-EDMIX-_2436d ago

@Move- lol I know. Folks told me how much better AC II was and I ended up picking it up used along with Brotherhood and 3. I actually have Far Cry 2 and will likely end up getting Primal.

I might play some of the series as my back log is pretty full.

sullynathan2436d ago

He isn't missing out with far cry 3 at all.

Nathan_Hale532436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I disagree. Division and Watch Dogs were not go IMO and Siege was very lacking in content. I refuse to support them anymore until they put some character, soul, and details in their games. Very mediocre since probably Far Cry 3 or Black Flag.