IGN: The Evolution of the PSP

Now, with the release of the latest major revision to the system, the PSP-3000 right around the corner, IGN Gear takes a look at the evolution of the PSP.

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BigBaehr3700d ago

WTF I just can't keep up, sucks too cause I just got the GOW PSP.

pwnsause3700d ago

well, you are going to have to learn that the PSP is going to be like the Gameboy and the ipod, they are going to keep on evolving to continue to make the system attactive for anyone. theres no point for you to buy another one though since it only adds on a a mic and a a better LCD screen, although there is a rumor that states that it might be compatible with the DS3 controller which is dumb.

morganfell3700d ago

I think it's great they keep innovating. I have the latest PSP and I love being able to game with it on the big screen. It is also sweet that I can remote my PS3 and check out my dogs going crazy in the living room, even if I am in another state.

I also like that I can remotely stream all of my media. My woman keeps swiping it and plugging it into our 5.1 so she can listen to Shoutcast. I am going to give her this one and grab myself a 3000.

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Tobias1233700d ago

Man there's no need to bring the 360 into this...

On topic, I just might get me a PSP now, instead of playing on my brothers' all the time.

TheIneffableBob3700d ago

I wish the PSP supported SD cards, though. Sony's proprietary Memory Stick Pro Duos are expensive compared to SD. 4GB of SD is like $15 compared to $40 to $60 for 4GB of Pro Duo.

PPGN3700d ago

IGN really didn't need to make an article for this. Its more of them advertising them.