PSVR May be Constrained By PS4 Performance, PS4 NEO Could Address That Concern- Developer

'When it comes to PSVR, the big problem is performance.'

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Rookie_Monster2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Great read. That is why I think Sony made the right move with giving players another option to get the most out of PSVR.

The PS4 can be the Ford for many folks getting their taste of VR while the Neo will be the BMW for diehard core PS gamers like myself to get the best VR experience with PS games.

One of the best moves Sony is making.

TheCommentator2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I'm not sure how to interpret all of the data at this point.

On the one hand, you've got the current PSVR experience which is producing graphically challenged games like GT Sport because it barely functions on the PS4. The fact that it functions means it is compatible with all PS4's, however, is a good thing.

On the other hand, we all know that Oculus Rift needs about 4tf in order to run VR well. Sony likely knew this as well, and must have been developing Morpheus and Neo at the same time because 4tf is about when VR truly becomes immersive from a visual standpoint. 4tf gives a PS4 quality image to each eye.

So what bugs me about this is that it appears that PSVR for base models is more of an afterthought, barely functional, and that the real price of PSVR is Morpheus + Neo. I think this is going to piss off a lot of people who buy PSVR and realize that the experience is somewhat underwhelming.

freshslicepizza2950d ago

i wouldn't go as far as saying psvr is barely functional and it's not really fair to compare exact specs with a pc. consoles are a lot more efficient which is why they can get more out of it. what i think will happen is there will be limitations to a game that uses psvr than without and all one needs to do is look at driveclub and how they had to scale the game back. it originally ran at 30 fps but it needs to run much faster for vr. so now it has less cars onscreen and some effects turned down or off.

i do think sony has a superiority complex and does not want to have games running at low resolutions in order to maintain high frame rates. not after all the hoopla of resolutiongate early on and how the ps4 trumps the competition. which is why i think sony is pushing forward with neo. the good thing is the games will be compatable with older ps4 units it just won't be as pretty or maybe run as well.

this is the problem with peripherals and especially for peripherals that come out late cycle. it is hard to ask developers to make games dedicated to it until there is a decent install base but i think sony is trying to leverage it's success of the ps4 to push forward. i think the ps5 will have it built in.

JackBNimble2950d ago

What a load of bullshit.
If the ps4 was unable to run the psvr at an acceptable level , then I am sure that sony would have included a processer unit with the psvr device . To suggest that the psvr needs the neo to function properly is ludicrous , after all the neo is just a rumor as of now , and there isn't a single shred of evidence that a neo gaming console even exists.
All we have is the " so called insider sources " , anyone can claim anything and everyone believes it. This is the Internet after all

TheCommentator2950d ago

Really Jack, I didn't say PSVR couldn't run on PS4 at an acceptable level. I said it was barely passable, meaning it is at the lower limit of being functional. It wouldn't have to interpret frame data if PS4 was powerful enough to run things natively. It also wouldn't need the external processor for audio, etc.

Tell me, if you're this angry at me for suggesting it, how angry are you going to be with Sony when Neo turns out to be real, and PSVR works waaaaay better on it?

JackBNimble2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Haha... Angry ? Not at all. I just fined it funny that smart people like you eat up these rumors as pure truth.
And the psvr doesn't have an external processer , you might want to read up on it a little more.

Edit: Sony has been in the electronics hardware business for a very long time now, do you really believe that they would manufacturer any device that is " barley passable "? Also consider this, if psvr barely works on ps4 but works great on the ps4Neo , there would be class action law suit for false advertisement pretty damn quick. Sony isn't new to the business and that's another reason why I think what ever Neo is isn't an upgraded console. There is absolutely no reason for a new upgraded console with a 40 million install base. Sony hasn't seen success like this since ps2 , and they are king of this gen, an upgraded console makes no sence at all.

TheCommentator2950d ago

You might want to read up on that more, Jack. The external processor handles 3d specific audio For PSVR as well as sending an output to the tv so people can watch what you're playing. Like I said, "...audio, etc." The PS Neo rumor is pretty well substantiated, by several separate sources, but you are just as right not to believe them as I am to believe in their plausability. To me the power increase makes sense, the way it's being added with extra ACEs is logical, and the need for Sony to add 4k Bluray playback to speed up its adoption rate even further supports the notion. You calling my hypothesis a load of bullshit certainly sounds angry, BTW, but I appreciate you acknowledging the intelligence of my post in spite of the fact that you don't agree with it.

JackBNimble2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Yes you are correct that it is a processing unit, and I stand corrected in that sence .

What I am talking about is the fact that it will not add any extra cpu or gpu, and I should have been more clear.

Edit: I believe that if psvr needed more power to run at it full potential , then it would be more feasible to have added extra cpu and gpu to the processing unit, rather then upgrading the console mid generation .

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joeorc2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

[It sounds like PSVR definitely cannot work well on base console units- that the PS4 Neo is what leads to an acceptable level of performance there.]

Omg can you be anymore transparent?

Can we just stop with this..I mean
I have tried PSVR and it works rather well, as a matter of fact many who have tried it stated its one of the Best VR experience's they have tried.

['When it comes to PSVR, the big problem is performance]

That's like saying

'When it comes to PC, the big problem is performance.
When it comes to the smartphone the big problem is performance.
'When it comes to OculusRift, the big problem is performance.
'When it comes to Vive, the big problem is performance.

Every freaking hardware is going to be constrained! Some how someway..so it is a moot freaking Point..PSVR was not made to be geared to compete with open ended hardware like PC's
The hardware of the PS4 is fine to run the VR level it was designed for..

The PC VR is more robust hardware..its expected..! The whole PSVR nonsense needing the Neo upgrade is just Rumors trying to correlate it being needed to slow down current PS4 system sale's because as it stands now a certain others companies effort's to stifle the PS4's sales growth that has kept going has failed to stall the growth.

So now its if you cannot slow it down one way, use another, funny thing is if nothing happens at E3 this year about the Neo, the media is going to play it off. Oh well its still coming hold on buying that PS4.

Keep trying Media.

TheCommentator2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I can see your point even though I disagreed with you. I just think it's hard to ignore the Morpheus/Neo relationship in the code names. In the Matrix, Morpheus needed Neo in order to mount a successful revolution, and without Morpheus Neo would never have been discovered. Neo also saves Morpheus' life.

Don't get me wrong, I do think that the PSVR experience can work on PS4, well enough to stand on its own if they program the games right, but when you see anything rendered in 2D in a 3D perspective it becomes clear right away that the object in question has no depth. Having sprite-based objects like blades of grass, leaves on trees, smoke, or fire, all look fine on a 2D TV but the illusion fades quickly when those same effects are viewed in stereoscopic 3D. This not only breaks the illusion, but is also where the power of Neo comes into play.

By doubling the horsepower of the PS4, most of those 2D effects can be eliminated using more advanced Physical Based Rendering techniques and volumetric effects for things like fog, smoke, fire, grass, etc., and with no real compromise to the fidelity PS4 games currently enjoy. Alternatively, any game that doesn't support PSVR on a standard PS4 could be enhanced to support PSVR when played on a Neo, again with no compromise.

You guys know I give GT Sport a hard time, but considering that Polyphony knows graphics better than most PS4 devs do, it shocks me to see that only minor differences exist between it and GT6 on PS3(just my opinion but I know others disagree). It relies heavily on sprites for the crowds, trees, and other ancilliary effects, so if this game is indicitive of what a normal videogame looks like when played in VR, I can only presume that Sony knows the limitations of 1.8tf and built the Neo to compensate.

Gwiz2951d ago

OG PS4 is oppressed and Neo is privileged.I'm trying to find a trendy topic that will settle with people on multiple levels lol.

Kallisti2951d ago

So the PS4 Neo is a white cis male? Gotcha

Wallstreet372951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

For all the concerned trolls and the others not in the know lol this has been revealed to be nothing more than pr bs propaganda. All those positive previews months ago of psvr and all those devs on neogafs have confirmed time and time over that psvr works great and is very competent with ps4(yeah real devs including executives in microsoft and sony have accounts on neogaf). They also have come to riddle this bogus accusation on neogaf with all lending testimony. Psvr works well with ps4 and is no differently constrained as a console compared to newer hardware or computer counterpart. Obviously if ps4 neo is stronger games will work or perform better, thats common sense.

Wow someone is really trying to throw a wrench in the 100% positive preview rate psvr has in terms of being a real console vr solution. One unknown source against dozens of neutral devs and previewers hmmmmm lets see who i believe lol

joeorc2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

[For all the concerned trolls and the others not in the know lol this has been revealed to be nothing more than pr bs propaganda.]

Agreed 100%_ its like they are acting like these so called leaked documents about the current PS4 not being able to handle VR..but Its an ironic thing is the leak documents did not talk about PSVR!

You would think if this PS4.5 Neo was so d@mn important to the health of PSVR that in that leaked Document that Sony would have talked about it..

No instead we get comments by Media talking about the leak documents and giving their own impression about how they "Think that what its for instead of actually knowing" but every web site gamer centric and many gamers ran with this supposed PS4.5 Neo was because the current PS4 was not strong enough.


joeorc2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

[Great read. That is why I think Sony made the right move with giving players another option to get the most out of PSVR.]

Made what move? There has been no confirmation of this "Made move" even being real!

All it has been is conjecture, and if nothing happens at this E3 or Paris show , than what?

Sony has not said a freaking peep about this even existing.

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