Interview With Studio MONO About InSomnia - Hey Poor Player

InSomnia is a very exciting looking new third-person RPG from Studio MONO. It’s set in a spaceborne city called Object 6, which is traveling towards a mythical place called the “Evacuation Point” where it’s hoped that humanity can start anew after the environmental destruction of Earth. The game is developed by Studio MONO, a Russian-based studio who launched a Kickstarter to help bring their dream to life. They have released a demo as a way to give us a taster of the full version of Insomnia to come, and also to serve as a prologue for the story of the main game. I had the chance to interview InSomnia’s project lead: Anatoliy Guyduk, and ask him some burning questions I had about the future development of InSomnia.

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dead_pixels1808d ago

Really like the Dieselpunk aesthetic of this one.

ZodiacEclipse1808d ago

The trait leveling sounds promising.

EvilAsh1808d ago

Great interview! The game looks amazing.

1808d ago