Project Abraham Now Cold

Seems like the last patient's times up and the site has been given a make over.
Not sure what this means but a few questions are answered in the last videos and the notes of the subjects.

Have a look through the latest info and see for yourself.

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SolidSnake933702d ago

Too much viral advertising.
Though it doesn't take away from the game's awesome factor.

Overr8ed3702d ago

i think their maybe more to come =)

rexor07173701d ago

Why not advertise your game. There will be regular advertising later, but now, its for the hardcore.

TheHater3702d ago

I just got a call from Project Abraham. Starbucks was thanking me for supporting her in her time of need, and because of that, America is closer to finding a cure for the Chimera virus

Stallone19933702d ago

There was a morse code at the end! I WISH I KNEW MORSE CODE

micro_invader3701d ago

Ah well, it was fun waiting for the weekly updates and seeing what happens to each subject (some of them were quite gross). I'm sure there's more to come though, maybe up until the game's release.