PSP-3000: What You Should Know

Sev1512 of PSLS writes:

Before you trade in your current PSP to start saving up for the forthcoming PSP-3000, PlayStation LifeStyle gives you a glimpse at what reasons (if any) there is for you to fork out more cash for the newest PSP model…

The biggest bombshell, which has yet to be confirmed, is that the new PSP-3000 will support DualShock controllers. According to US Patent Application 0070174531, there is a "control docking unit" that through "wired or wireless communication link," will be able to "facilitate use of one or more controls provided on the control docking unit."

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cahill3706d ago

This guy always deliver

dude any info on TGS leaks

are we seeing an FF7 remake /KH /DQ for ps3?

Sev3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Thanks for the support. Unfortunately due to many complaints from readers and developers alike. I have to stop leaking info.

Only official info from me for now on.

The readers are upset because one of my authors was posting false info. Sadly people don't realize that I fired that writer.

EDIT: I can tell you that there is no FFVII remake in the works.

whoelse3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Sev I don't understand you. A while ago after that happened you were supporting me and we were mates and you agreed for me to write that I was resigning on the blog. Then all of sudden you have turned against me.

You know I was given unreliable info.

And for the record, I never said it was a remake, only a "new" version.

Sev3706d ago

Because your carelessness has cost my reputation greatly.

Everyone at PSLS worked very hard to get to where we are and the fact you posted info that went against what I had said was inexcusable.

We will never be able to rebuild the reputation we once had. We had a perfect streak of correct info, followed by many false articles reported on by you.

Your right, I wasn't that upset at first. But now its over a month later, and I am constantly hearing about the false info you posted and how PSLS are "liars"

Well PSLS aren't liars, just your insider was.

Your wrong about the "new" FFVII.

Your insiders info was wrong, more than once. How can you still believe its right?

barom3705d ago

No more leaked info? Dude, personally that was the nr 1 reason I came to your site. Couldn't care less about the false rumor though, it happens. Back to Quarterman from 1up then (who isn't always correct either).

Panipal20053705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Um you never got complaints from readers, you apparently got some from developers and you apparently decided that currying favour was more important than keeping your loyal readers happy.

Of course your definition of 'loyal' is different from, ooh, 100% of normal people, to you it means giving you fawning praise and no criticism which you can't bear.

Always remember than no-one damaged your reputation more than YOU did. People don't respect someone who says he's going to post pictures and then doesn't, thus making a liar of themselves. People don't respect someone who responds to the backlash for jerking people's chain by deleting comments and banning people.

You're a c***roach, if you don't like being stepped on, GTFO.

P.S. You're a viper as well, it looks like, I can well believe what whoelse is saying about you turning on him with venom, that is EXACTLY the sort of thing you'd do. You really have no scruples whatsoever, do you?

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DJ3706d ago

I still have the 1000 series, and it's just way too bulky to carry around.

TheMART3706d ago

I own a Fat white PSP and a Slim white PSP

Don't see a reason to upgrade, as I own a PSP cam with mic
The screen it looks nicer, but allmost takes a half hour of the total battery time which I see as a bad point. Heck if the PSP's are not running besides each other one would never mind the difference.

Plus: my Fat and Slim are running homebrew. I couldn't miss all the emulators of the old computers and consoles I owned. I bet Sony has protected the 3000 against Pandora battery & magic memstick so I'll stay away from it.

Ju3706d ago

I have to see the new display. But if I can use a DS3 and hook it up to a TV, and I can use it outdoors in sunlight (which I can't do with my PSP1000), well, then I am tempted to upgrade. For me, the PSP2000 was not enough to switch. This seems good enough for me now.

badz1493706d ago

I was planning to get the slim but I think I'll wait for this new model 3000!

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