1up Infinite Undiscovery Review (Xbox 360)

The first few hours of Infinite Undiscovery, the first current-generation offering from acclaimed Valkyrie Profile creator tri-Ace, are so out of character for the otherwise reliable developer that they almost feel like an intentional primer for what not to do when designing an action-role-playing game.

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clintos593700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Well lets just hope the game doesnt get any lower reviews under 5.

Edit: B grade doesnt average a 7.

gaffyh3700d ago

B is good according to 1up's grading. But on one of the 1up shows (or podcasts) one of the guys says that this game takes 20 hours to get into the main game! lol.

B is still pretty good though, I think it is ~7

clintos593700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

its in the 70's range which is a 7 point something not a 7, so my guess would be around 7.6

barom3700d ago

Isn't B a B? Why do ya always gotta convert it? B means it's good, not amazing but good, not average but good.

FYI, a B for 1up could be a 7/10. I remember Stranglehold getting a 7 or 7.5 from 1up and if you look the game up on 1up, it's the same review but now it got B as a score. As for gamerankings, they think of it as the educational grading system, where it's usually
F for everything below 60%
D for everything between 60-69%
C for everything between 70-79%
B for everything between 80-89%
A for everything between 90-100%

In other words, it's not accurate as F could be anything from 1-6/10. Take the score as it is, do not become obsessive with converting them to the traditional scoring system. After all, there is a reason for why 1up changed up their scoring system. It's easy to understand, A is great/amazing/perfect, B is good or great, C is average, D is bad and F is awful. It's that easy.

B-Rein3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )


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KingDizzi3700d ago

What is B an equivalent to then?

TheColbertinator3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

72-77 is the range of B.

edit: Somebody disagreed? Sorry,but that is a 1up B.

Firstkn1ghT3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

So I'm going to throw another 5 points to your numbers for a B+ and that equals 82. So your saying that 83-100 is an A?

TheColbertinator3700d ago

@1st Knight

Metacritic just numbered it as a 75 1stKnight.Besides,when did you start caring about reviews? I thought after Too Human got its reviews,you said you would'nt care anymore.

Omega43700d ago

"Undiscovery is absolutely worth playing through at least once"

That line gives me reason to keep my pre-order at least until Gamespot or Gametrailers review it as B doesnt seem that bad at all

Saigon3699d ago

they both also reviewed the game...i think both scores were similar to IGN's...

Blackcanary3699d ago

Why don't you just buy and is if you like it and if not get a refund back and say game doesn't work or tryed it in for something else why do you care about reviews?

BIoodmask3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

from 1UP. I think the game looks really nice so I will be picking it up.
I hope Infinite Undiscovery does well so Square Enix/Tri-Ace will continue to take risks in making new IPs instead of just focusing on sequels.

TheColbertinator3700d ago

I just hope Tri-Ace can make good games regardless of the franchise.For example,I want to see Valkyrie Profile go to a next gen console.Star Ocean 4 is looking good too.

But I don't feel confident about the Last Remnant.The developers behind LR were responsible for creating that horrible Drakengard game.

typikal823700d ago

What does the title even mean?