Sony PS3 Customer Service FTW!

Ripten writes:

"A few days ago, a long time friend of mine called me to let me know that he may have some positive video game related news for me, and I said 'ok shoot.'

He told me that his brother had gotten his COD4 disk stuck in his recently purchased PS3, and that the system would not eject it. So he decided to give a ring to Sony's customer service line. He explained the situation to a supervisor and was told that it would all be taken care of immediately. What Sony did next was pretty amazing."

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mattkelly19913754d ago

i think my ps3 is having problems too... =)

RememberThe3573754d ago

Every once in a while it just shuts off or completely freezes. So I called them up and they told me to reformat my hard drive. HA! And erase all the stuff I got on there? Heck that! I'm gonna have to wait and get an external hard drive to back everything up. lol Maybe they'll send me one.

Nostradavis3754d ago

This is really great news for Sony. Treating customers like this will only bring back more business down the line. A++

nos4speed3754d ago

I re formatted my hard drive once, I didnt lose anything the only thing it did was change the dates on my videos so it seemed I had downloaded them all on the day i re-formatted.

nos4speed3754d ago

WHO THE HELL!!! has disagreed with me.....I think I know if I did I was right there as I did it jeeezus....Im not saying do it, im not saying dont do it, I was only stating what happened when I did.

RememberThe3573754d ago

The phantom disagrees are bit strange considering you your just saying what you did and what happened to you. Not to much to disagree with there, especially when it isn't an opinion.

mfwahwah3754d ago

Well, if I did reformat my hard drive, and I got a different outcome, then I would disagree. It's just my way of saying Agree / Disagree and Same experience / Not same experience. I know it's not exactly how it's supposed to be, but I don't always want to waste a bubble saying "That didn't happen to me." Much easier and convenient to hit Disagree. Not saying that that's the case all the time with random disagrees, just my little take on the system.

superflyguy3753d ago

This is nice, But this could easily be a lie or some gimmick to get people to read their website. I love my PS3 but i just can't see this happening. The guy didn't even mention what he did with his broken PS3. I just need proof.

Just think about it...

xhairs93753d ago

2 Days. TWO days. No one caught this? Hell even Rock Band couldn't match this 2 days when their guitars came out like broken plastic rods it took up to 3 weeks to get one back, and lets not even begin with Microsoft, they're still at 1 week for returns.

Bob Dole3753d ago

Bob Dole's original PS3 quit reading BluRays and it took them 7 days to send a replacement. His room mate waited like a month for his Xbox (that didn't even RRoD, wouldn't display a picture or something). and got it back while he was out of town. Luckily Bob Dole was there to play it on day 1!

barom3753d ago

Whenever you format your hardrive, you looses all information on it, (which would include save games as well). That's what formatting a hard drive is all about, to start from scratch. However for the PS3, the operative system and it's settings is actually saved somewhere else, but pretty much everything else will be erased (videos, games, saves, demos, game installs etc).

That's why I disagreed. I find your statement to be untrue, and I do not want other people to believe you as you might know yourself, loosing save games (and other data) is a bi***. My disagrees are in actuality my way of saying "I do not support your statement".

Oh and btw, I've formatted my PS3 hard drive before and it happened like I stated above (loose everything but the OS and it's settings), except I did a backup so I was able to restore everything back to normal, which I recommend everyone doing despite if you plan to format or not.

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MaximusPrime3754d ago

now Sony losing money? yea right.

Sony has the best customer service and i've experienced this.

M$ is worse, i tried to cancel my subscribtion to xbox live but all they did is thru persuasion. after dozen of "no, cancel etc etc" They finally freed me.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3754d ago

...i got something stuck in my PS3...The Doctor at the Hospital said it was lucky the PS3 wasn't switched on at the time!!! ;-D

+I'm still waiting for my 9th xBox 360 to come back!!! ;-D

PS3 Customer Service FTW!!!
PS3 FTW!!!
PS3 Fans;) FTW!!!
xBox 360 well...maybe not ;-D

Dyingduck3754d ago

Yeah Sony FTW! I never had my PS3 repaired/replaced ever - extremely reliable hardware...

However I had a Sony VAIO, once and the sound jack wouldn't they sent one of their tech support GUYS TO MY house, open my notebook and exchange me a BRAND new motherboard in like 5 minutes (o_O).

ROFL, what does Crapbox360 DO? got to package yourself, drop it off at the Post office ...wait...wait...wait...then they mail your old crapbox360 back with just the hardware fix...which now is MORE prone to another RROD...

If you get one RROD, expect 3-4 more in the life-time...


Vs. crapbox 33% failure rate LOL

theKiller3753d ago

when ps3 hardware failure is less than 0.2% then they can easily afford giving gifts to those customers who have problems!!!

while 360 customer service just replaces ur 360 with another used 360 that was just recently fixed!!

every thing about MS is negative!!

bubble to all above

juuken3754d ago

I love PS3 customer service. When I had a small bit of problems getting online, I called and the lady was extremely nice. Not all customer service is amazing but Sony has good service. :3

MaximusPrime3754d ago

Free copy of CoD4 and F1? free BR remote? wow

EastCoastSB3754d ago

Don't forget another controller too!

mfwahwah3754d ago

Don't forget "Two days after his call in to the company."

Two days is pretty quick, imo.

dro3754d ago

they also gave him 2free pads..i think im gonna ring them,il just try my luck!!!

Nostradavis3754d ago

which is REALLY cool since he only had one pad to start with.