WhatIfGaming: Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star Review

You really have to give Incognito appropriations when it has gone the extra mile with bringing fresh and game-changing content to the never ending fun that is Warhawk through Warhawk Operation: Fallen Star, Incognito's third expansion pack to a blasting series.

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xjoshbx3699d ago

Is the best so far. I'm really enjoying so far.

UnSelf3699d ago

i really really really hope the next update is a patch that'll allow all 3 new additional vehicles to be used in one match.

Are u listening Incog?

thor3699d ago

I don't think it would work very well. For instance, the dropship is all but useless except in CTF and perhaps to shoot some enemy tanks. It can't stand up to 1 warhawk because the turrets are so weak and no one wants to go in them. Whereas the jetpack is hugely powerful, couple that with the fact you can use it when carrying the flag and can easily take out tanks, and it means the dropship would be completely worthless.

The whole game would need major rebalancing with all 3 vehicles at once. Also, the way I see it the dropship works best with large maps, the APC with medium and the jetpack with small maps. Can't just throw them all in. I also remember them saying that they didn't want to include it as it segregates the user base and there simply wouldn't be enough people that owned _all_ the expansion packs.

We'll see if warhawk is still going strong in a few months after LBP,R2,Socom etc. hit and I personally would like an expansion that focuses the balance on the ground again (I heard somewhere they are going to alternate between ground/air based expansions)

thor3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I thought at first that this expansion made the game really imbalanced, with literally everyone in either a jetpack or a warhawk, but after playing it for a time, I now realise that a jetpack makes you very vulnerable, so you're best off in a jeep (which is slightly faster), which of course means that tanks are useful for taking down the jeeps, as well as those now-extremely-powerful flak cannon.

The only reason everyone was in a jetpack was because they wanted to try it out ;)

Tau crater is a really great map, it's a LOT smaller than the two previous expansion maps, I hated having to drive (or even walk if you got stuck) for ages just to get to the next base.

I'd recommend it to anyone who's a fan of warhawk, though it IS game-changing. And small/medium maps are best. Anyone notice the trees on tau crater have had a serious graphical upgrade?