Left 4 Dead for Xbox 360 Using Dedicated Servers on Live

After spending a day at Valve's offices playing Left 4 Dead for the premier episode of the next season of the 1UP Show, the 1UP crew came away with a truckload of new info on the Xbox 360 version of the game. Without a doubt the biggest news is that Valve will be running dedicated servers on Microsoft's Live online service. And while they didn't indicate how many exactly they'd have going, they did imply that they'd have everyone covered, as in when you played online, you'd be on a dedicated server, period. That alone should go a long way toward making the game a great online experience, but they haven't stopped there. Splitscreen play will also allow you and a friend to play together on Live from one 360, and you'll be able to slice the screen whichever way you like -- horizontally or vertically.

Keeping on the online bonanza, writer Chet Faliszek said that Valve plans to get the DLC rolling much more quickly with Left 4 Dead than it has been able to for Team Fortress 2. Plans already in the works call for new campaigns, weapons, and boss infected (the game's zombie enemies). In addition, there were strong hints at a flamethrower coming not long after launch.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3755d ago

Dedicated servers have it it's obvious advantages, but the disadvantage is that Valve can pull support for the game and suddenly you can't play the game anymore. I'm not familiar with how the business side of hosting games are, but would imagine that a P2P supported game is likely to have a much longer life.

Lucas223755d ago

Did gears of war 1 use dedicated servers? if not do you think gears 2 will?

sonarus3755d ago

It didn't and i doubt gears 2 will but we will see

The Lazy One3755d ago

good net code and changing mechanics a little bit don't really make it necessary.

There's only 10 people, it's not like they need dedicated servers for that noise

pp3755d ago

I love zombie games to bad ps3 droids will miss out on this great game on xbox live

NipGrip3755d ago

I'll be playing it on the superior platform for that game - the PC.

AIi_The_Brit3755d ago

Yep and we wont have to deal with the 3fixme and its crappy online and RRoD

dachiefsman3755d ago

sounds bad a$$. I love zombie games!

Nevers3755d ago

and this is exceptionally great news. I can't wait for what looks to be a heart-racing chill-ride of survival and splatter.

Now all us Zombie-killing nut-jobs need is a certain lil' announcement from Capcom regarding that inevitable Dead Rising sequel...

Come on Capcom... you can do it lil buddy...

NewSchoolGamer3755d ago

however, when i saw a few comments in another L4D post that it would be GOTY I couldn't stop laughing.

consolewar3755d ago

LBP is game of the year are idiots 2. (can't stop lau...)

ceedubya93755d ago

Game Informer's top game of E3, and I've yet to hear anything bad about it. As a matter of fact, with every new bit of news, the outlook for the game seems to get higher and higher. May not be game of the year, but it may very well be in the running when it releases.

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The story is too old to be commented.