Is Sony winning in the battle of console exclusives?

Joe from Untold Gaming writes: 2016 is really a year of conflict, isn’t it? You have Batman V Superman; Captain America V Iron Man; Donald Trump V every sane person of America. While these conflicts rage on, there has been a battle over the decades between two giants caught in an equilibrium of power: Sony & Microsoft, two tech powerhouses looking to outdo each other in console sales and reputation for home entertainment.

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Maple222685d ago

I think both offer up some great exclusives, they just cater to different tastes. I'm really excited about Xbox one's Cuphead (I know it is on PC as well) as well as being thrilled about Uncharted 4. They are obliviously trying to compete but I think things are pretty level at the moment... Perhaps PS4 will take the crown nearer to Christmas, but we shall see.

iDoneToldYa2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The article has to say "Console Exclusives" just to give Xbone a fighting chance as more and more of it's exclusives are going multiplatform.

PS4 is absolutely destroying Xbone in the exclusives department. It's had more exclusives every year since launch and is ramping up while Xbone exclusives are winding down.

PS4 this year has had.
The Witness
MLB The show
Ratchet and Clank
Uncharted 4.
Shadow of the Beast

Xbone has only had one "console exclusive" this year. Quantum Break. Where are the games MS?

PS4 has the highest rated games and a much higher quantity

Phunkydiabetic12685d ago

Just like any other article comparing the two once again the PS4 destroys. The lack of exclusives this year on Xbox is shameful.

nix2685d ago

i think the white handkerchief has been thrown already. plus sony always has been winning the console exclusive war consistently.

remixx1162685d ago


Don't forget about gravity rush remaster that also released before SFV.

Now we're waiting on no man's sky, gravity rush 2, personal 5, gt sport, horizon zero dawn, dreams, the last guardian, nier 2, world's of final fantasy, king of fighter 14 and so much more.

Sony is on top but that's not to say MS aren't dining great though only quantum break for the first half of the year is kinda rough.

Silly gameAr2685d ago

Well, xbox had Superhot. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any off the top of my head.

AngelicIceDiamond2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

"Xbone has only had one "console exclusive" this year. Quantum Break. Where are the games MS?"

None existent because you'll never play them or pay attention to them. I mean why else would ppl like you keep saying that?

Edit: Hey its true Lol cry and disagree all you want its funny actually all of yall are just proving my point and nobody can prove me wrong so I win. The only ones that are "concerned" are the ones who never planning on playing the console. You see that's what I don't get complain just to complain basically. In the real world which is where I live ppl don't seem to complain about MS games in fact half the ppl I seem to discuss gaming with seem content. But in goofball internet land its all gloom and sad so concerning ) :

I wonder how many braincells I lose reading ppls stupid comments haha.

darthv722685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Maybe it's me but I don't buy a system for it's exclusives. I am a hardware whore so I buy all platforms no matter what. Even revisions when they are released. Some collect action figures, others collect coins. I collect games and systems.

Utalkin2me2685d ago

PS4 is winning in all fronts not just console exclusives....

Zeldafan642685d ago

I think Wii U has the best console exclusives. Really Zelda U is the only game for the system I need to trump everything any other system will ever get.

Phar0ahad32685d ago

Wheres salt and sanctuary, hardware rivals, firewatch and a bunch more ?

Gol3m2685d ago

No man's sky is enough for me

leoms2685d ago

Sigh... I hate to be that guy but QB is also on PC not exclusive to Xbone

ShadowKnight2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I totally agree. Sony is killing in exclusives

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medman2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

It is no coincidence that you used "obliviously" when I assume you meant to say "obviously", for your take is as oblivious to the obvious one-sided arse kicking that Sony is handing out as it gets. Sony has far more exclusives available, they rate far higher, and they also have far more in current development. It's a landslide victory for Sony.

Microsoft is not in competition with the ps4 anymore, they've been knocked out of the ring and straight into the expensive front row seats, where they are lying unconcious, waiting for the fight doctor to come and administer the smelling salts.

Josuey2685d ago

So you think xbox is winning the exclusives battle? so far this year
Gravity rush 2,

Quantum Flop

Stop lying to yourself

Deathdeliverer2685d ago

There's also Valkyria chronicles and although it's old, Last Blade 2 came out today and it's online!!!

jrshankill2685d ago

Street Fighter V is the biggest let down this gen so far. That or The Order.

2685d ago
Kingthrash3602685d ago

In all honesty I bought an xbo for qb...it was indeed a great letdown for me. It was cool but wayyyyy too many problems with that game.
Sf was a let down too ....no excuse for a fighting game to release with so little content. ...not even a arcade mode....but they are also still releasing free content and updates...a story mode and barlog...amongst other things....it's not forgivable but at least they are still developing content for it. Qb released and was a let down...to cover this it consistently get comparisons to uncharted for some odd reason....I guess because people want to paint it as a great game when it's truly not.

Kallisti2685d ago

Gravity Rush 2 hasn't come out yet, you mean Gravity Rush remastered

_-EDMIX-_2685d ago

Agreed. I mean...by default XB will always lose such a battle based on several things. Sony has more studios, they have more Japanese support.

Titles like Persona 5
Nier 2
Yakuza Zero and 6
Valkyria Chronicles remaster and 4
World Of Final Fantasy
I Am Setsuna
Exist Archive
Ni No Kuni 2 and the list goes on.

That is JUST 3rd party Japanese exclusives too, because of their support from the east because of how the platform performs in Asian's territories, its always by default going to have more.

I mean...folks its something we are going to have to deal with and really take into reality. Until that changes, I don't see XB ever having more exclusives.

Even if they did well in Japan and got Japanese support, Sony still owns more teams and produces more games, thus by default would still actually make more exclusives.

MORE needs to change at MS in order to even come close to PS in terms of exclusives, some is completely out of their control too.

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Realms2685d ago

A lot of smart gamers bought a PS4 during the 2015 holiday hype that MS was touting as the greatest gaming line up ever because they knew Sony was brining serious heat in 2016 and beyond. They have released at least one exclusive every month this year to MS one, so when fanboys use to say the PS4 has no games it just made them look like idiots. Truth be told Sony has always delivers on games, sometimes it's a slow burn in the beginning of the generation but once they get going games start flowing.

Many independent studios are choosing to develop first on PS4 and PC and some are even skipping the X1, yet sales don't matter right? This is where Sony in combination with it's first party studios and brining new IP's is killing the X1 and MS.

politicoreach2685d ago

Sony is definitely winning. Especially when you consider the fact that Uncharted 4 is almost universally regarded as one of the prettiest games of this generation. Leave alone the fact that its writer wrote the Last of Us and other fine works.

Its an amazing time to be a Sony fan.

Revel in its glory!

XanderZane2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The PS4 is definitely winning at this point. They are not only getting more Indie exclusives, but also there are many Japanese developers who decided they were only going to make some of their games for PS4 and no other platform (PC, Wii U, XB1). Companies like Konami, Namco, Atlus, Sega, From Software, etc... who have made several PS4 exclusive games. It's a bit surprising that you don't see a lot of American developers do the same thing with the XB1 and PC. Seems they have a bit more respect for the market and aren't as biased. In any case, with the PS4 having over 40 million units in gamers home, it's easy to see why they would have more exclusives. If they had sold as many units as the Wii U, they most likely wouldn't. Microsoft will most likely announce some new exclusives at the E3. Gears 4 will probably stay XB1 exclusive, as will Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and maybe Crackdown 3.

2685d ago
XanderZane2685d ago

Bull? lol!! I didn't say ALL their games were only for the PS4. But games like Bloodborne, Valkyria Chronicles, Tekken, Persona 5, Ni-Oh and many other games that won't see the light on other systems. If EA did something like that with Mirror's Edge Catalyst or Rockstar with Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers would go crazy. It has nothing to do with Japan. All these games sell well in the U.S. and Europe as well. So your comments are pretty stupid. It's good business sense to sell your games in the largest gaming market, which is the U.S. All those games Atlus, Koei-Tecmo, Konami, Namco, etc.. will usually sell more copies in the U.S. & Europe, then in Japan anyways.

senorfartcushion2685d ago

Haha a quite fair comment with 46 or dislikes than likes. How quaint?

rainslacker2685d ago

Cuphead is about the only thing that I'm actually looking forward to atm. GeOW was never my thing as I'm not into the whole space marine thing that much, although I found the first to be a technical masterpiece. Recore might interest me,but I'll wait to see more. QB was a disappointment...which is doubly disappointing since it's why I got my X1 in the first place...not a bad game, just nowhere near living up to the hype and expectations. Scalebound I'm iffy on because I'm not into that whole hip teen in a setting not conducive to such a thing. Forza I'm not that interested in since I'm more a GT guy, and Halo I'm muddling through the SP on the MCC, but don't seem to like it as much as I remember liking the first one way back in the day...and I'm not much of a FPS fan to begin with.

I do find PS4 exclusives more appealing, and varied. I tend to have more fun playing them, and I'm not very often let down by them if they're first party, although some of the 3rd party exclusives don't live up to my expectations.

Sony does have more exclusives, there's no denying that no matter how you qualify the numbers...and people certainly do twist numbers to try and make it seem otherwise. Overall, I'd say that Sony is probably winning, but MS has a pretty sizeable fan base for their exclusives, and I can also see why they're appealing to them, as well as may be appealing to those who haven't jumped in yet. But for the most part, I think if people really looked, they'd be able to find more they'd like on PS unless they are just really into MS exclusives, and those people would likely already have a X1 anyhow.

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CoNn3r_B2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

As of right now I would say yes. With regards to the PS4 exclusives so far there's:
Bloodborne - 9/10 (Metacritic User Score 8.6/10)
Uncharted 4 - 9/10 (Metacritic User Score 7.8/10)
Order 1886 - 5/10 (Metacritic User Score 6.6/10)
inFAMOUS: Second Son - 8/10 (Metacritic User Score 7.9/10)
Until Dawn - 7/10 (Metacritic User Score 8.1/10)
Ratchet & Clank - 9/10 (Metacritic User Score 8.6/10)
Resogun - 8/10 (Metacritic User Score 7.7/10)
Killzone: Shadow Fall - 7/10 (Metacritic User Score 6.8/10)

While the Xbox has had:
Halo 5 - 6/10 (Metacritic User Score 6.5/10)
Quantum Break - 6/10 (Metacritic User Score 6.8/10)
Killer Instinct - 8/10 (Metacritic User Score 6.9/10)
Dead Rising 3 - 7/10 (Metacritic User Score 6.8/10)
Sunset Overdrive: 8/10 (Metacritic User Score 7.7/10)
Gears of War: Ultimate Edition: - 8/10 (Metacritic User Score 7.5/10)
Halo MCC: - 8/10 (Metacritic User Score 7.3/10)

The xbox has just failed to make a definitive exclusive so far, all their big projects either end up being boring or just average, they started with some good exclusives such as Sunset Overdrive but the latest games such as Halo 5 and Quantum Break just fail to impress me compared to games such as Bloodborne and Uncharted 4.

Edit: The metacritic scores are there as an indicator of how the community has perceived a game, I don't care if you agree with them or like them they're there to compare how I perceived a game against a general consensus.

Malphite2685d ago

Why on earth would you post metacritic User scores for console exlusive games?

CoNn3r_B2685d ago

Because the community are the people who play and enjoy the games. The User score section exists for a reason, it's not my fault if you disagree with hundreds of other people.