5 Shocking Deaths in Games

Danny at IGCritic notes down his personal most shocking deaths in games. Danny writes "When people speak of the most shocking video game deaths or the saddest video game deaths, it’s a sure bet that these five will be near the top of their list. After all, we spend hours upon hours with these characters"

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MagicBeanz911d ago

Not gonna lie, Red Dead made my eyes well up, that one got to me a little.

FullmetalRoyale910d ago

Angry tears. Very, very angry tears.

Gatsu910d ago

I would add a certain character from Life is Strange to the list.

finbars75910d ago

Gears of War 3 for me. Just heartbreaking to see that brother hood being broken with Marcus losing his one close friend like that. I don't know to many ppl who didn't choke up.

The_Sage910d ago

No Mordin Solis? Travesty!

Kemo_Spear910d ago

Nathan Hale's death in Resistance 2 made my jaw hit the floor.