Wardell, Taylor On Stardock's New PC Publishing Paradigm

For ten years, Gas Powered Games has developed PC games like Dungeon Siege and Supreme Commander for large, multiplatform publishers including Microsoft Game Studios, THQ, Sega, and 2K Games. With its upcoming RTS/RPG hybrid Demigod, the studio is taking a very different publishing path, teaming up with emerging publisher Stardock, which developed Galactic Civilizations and worked with Ironclad Games to publish Sins of a Solar Empire.

The latter game became a breakthrough hit -- Stardock CEO Brad Wardell tells Gamasutra it has sold over 400,000 full-price units at retail, and around 100,000 further copies through online distribution, on a budget of less than $1 million. Both companies are independent developers which have made names for themselves in the relatively small but dedicated community of hardcore PC gamers.

It's a community Gas Powered and Stardock believe is growing, but which has been often mishandled and mistreated -- hence Stardock's newly-announced Gamer's Bill Of Rights, reported elsewhere on Gamasutra today.

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