Stix 200 Impressions - Looks Like A Wii Remote, And That's All

Kotaku: Back in the beginning of July I wrote up the announcement of GoLive2's Wii remote-aping PC peripheral Stix, a device that would allow PC gamers to play specific web-based games using motion sensing controls, and then just as quickly forgot all about it. Lo and behold, the week before I leave for the Games Convention a package arrives on my doorstep. Well, on my mother's doorstep, addressed to Chris Fahey, but close enough. Inside was the Stix 200 combo pack, which I excitedly ran home with, setting it on my coffee table before leaving for the airport. Now I've finally gotten a chance to crack them open and play through some of their game offerings, and I have to say that this is exactly the sort of Christmas present parents who can't get their hands on a Wii should get their children to make them cry.

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