IGN Silent Hill: Homecoming Hands-on

If you've ever been away from your hometown for a while, you know just how complicated a return trip can be. You have to make your way there, deal with family and friends who frequently ask you why you left and wonder what's going on with you, and sometimes deal with problems that you simply didn't expect. It's even worse when you have an emergency on your hands, particularly because you may be expected to do more than you feel comfortable or capable of. So you can only imagine the problems that Alex Shepherd, the protagonist of Silent Hill: Homecoming, faces in the upcoming game from The Collective and Konami when he is plunged into a maelstrom of supernatural activity. I managed to get our hands on a PlayStation 3 build of the game and explore the first few areas along with Alex to see what secrets await him.

Cartesian3D5503d ago

but it seems that this one will be better than Alone in the dark.. I really liked the first and second one, but after that it wasnt my fav anymore.

hope this one to be good.. atleast not as buggy as Alone in the dark.

TheExecutive5503d ago

yeah it kinda sounds like its going to be another "SH: Replica". I liked Origins and I even finished SH:4. I love this series and will probably like this game. That is, if the combat doesnt make the game too easy. Half of the games intensity was always about getting away from the monsters because you didnt stand a chance against them.

My heart always dropped if there was more than one monster in a room that i entered. If this is like a TPS I will flip out.

consolewar5503d ago

wasn't that bad.....especially if you got it cheap.

Arsenic135503d ago

This game needs to sell well for Konami to continue the series. I hope this really does sell well enough. I dont want the series to end just yet :(

quiquitos5503d ago

if this game is anything like 3 im sold because i put off playing 3 when ii first got it, to me it was too disturbing i was so scared of the monsters the setting and all it was amazing better than anything i played before. Personally im looking forward to this and dead space, re:5 is more like an action game now but will be buying that too


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Orchard326d ago

Pyramid Head is my #1 too, despite the fact you don't actually fight him much - and the few times you do are actually super easy. It's all in the presentation & close encounters.

Auron325d ago

Pyramid head? please.. whatever was in that silent hills trailer is #1

Gardenia325d ago

I never thought the monsters themselves were very scary. It was the tension and the unknown, the silent moments that got under your skin that were the most scary to me.
Silent Hill has always been about the psychological horror more than it's gore.


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ZeekQuattro444d ago

I had no idea Binary Domain was backwards compatible. I know what I'm downloading.

JayRyu444d ago

I would like El Shaddi, Afterburner Climax, and outrun 2 please. I am sure that there are other games as well but those came to mind for me right now.


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PaulFiend1816d ago

Yes, my favorite SH game, more than 1,2,3 and 4. It had something so melancholic... and the combat was interesting with it's timings and precision on hard difficulty. And the music was good too!

Bleucrunch1816d ago

My favorite horror franchise, I still think Silent Hill 2 is the scariest game of all time. Too bad Konami screwed this up ROYALLY. Never had the opportunity to play Homecoming, I heard good things about it.

Pozzle1815d ago

I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up with Silent Hills, but oh man it still kills me that it'll never be made. I don't know why Konami screwed Silent Hill so royally. The series did so well and was fairly well-known, yet after Silent Hill 4 it's like they just didn't care about the IP anymore :(

Bleucrunch1814d ago

"They just didn't care about IP anymore." I would change "IP" to gaming and your statement morphs from accurate to PERFECT.

pietro12121816d ago

It was a decent game, but it was an awful Silent Hill game.