Read A Year's Worth Of Microsoft Spinning Xbox One NPD Sales

"I’ve been getting this monthly statement consistently for about a year now, and I thought it was time for a retrospective, diving into the fabulous world of “PR speak."

You’ll also find all sorts of glorious statistics that sound impressive, but are kind of impossible to actually sort out (30 million minutes played!). But what you won’t find? Actual, hard sales numbers. None. Almost all of it is about growth, because actual numbers would draw a comparison to PS4. And there isn’t a single mention of Sony or the PS4 (or Nintendo or the Wii U) in any of these statements.

It’s sort of a fascinating look at spin and PR-speak, as you can see just how similar all these statements are over the course of the past year, and how little they really tell you. Some months skip any numbers, even growth percentages, just going with “strong momentum,” which weirdly feels like a pseudonym for underperformance. The problem is at the end of all this, we really no longer have any clue how many units the Xbox One has currently sold, as Microsoft is now rolling 360s and Ones together making it impossible to get an exact figure when they release quarterly figures.

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Overload1952d ago

A year worth of useless information. The rest of 2016 should be interesting too, considering the lack of exclusive games on the platform. They'll just keep talking about their October game and engagement. Lol.

darthv721951d ago

It really is like MS and Sony have switched places.

TFJWM1951d ago

Not sure what you are talking about Sony has always released their sale numbers....

asadachi1951d ago

not sure if this is just the typical delusional fanboy answer or if you're just misinformed

DigitalRaptor1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Yep, the same folks who perpetuated the "PS4's sparse lineup" conversation are nowhere to be seen talking about Xbox One's damn sparse lineup of exclusive games since last year's holiday season. And to no surprise, we have Rookie_Monster (below) trying to deflect against what has already been exposed about him. The fraud that lies to push his agenda, whilst planting desperately fake, non-detailed praise on PS4 where he think he can use it in the future, but only to prove his own hypocrisy in the process.

Funny how he's here damage controlling by ensuring he knows exactly what is releasing on Xbox One to make it seem "not sparse", but preferred to be a "sparse" sheep in 2015 by not doing the same for PS4. Because trolls will be trolls and hypocrites with be hypocrites. This guy just exposes himself far too often to be able to pull the "fake accusation" card.

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The story is too old to be commented.