Gamernode : Disgaea 3 Review

Brendo Lindsay writes "Anyone who knows me knows that Disgaea is one of my absolute favorite franchises. One of the most underrated series of the PS2's lifespan, Disgaea mixed clever writing, memorable characters, and gameplay mechanics in a way far beyond what other mainstream popular RPG and strategy titles managed to pull off, yet it remained nothing but a cult hit. The release of the game on the PSP (and soon DS) will hopefully usher in a new audience of gamers, but in the meantime let's hope that the latest iteration in the Disgaea saga brings in a new number of NIS faithful."

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Luca Blight3754d ago

it's an awesome game. New additions keep it fresh. 200 hours+ confirmed.

deeznuts3754d ago

Can one beat it in less though? I want to try this game. I do not have 200 hours in my life to do so though. 20-30 more like it.

GamerMan3754d ago

but it won't be 20-30 hours.. it's a game you would definitely have to spend some time on to beat it. -

TheColbertinator3754d ago

Good to see another strong review for this game.