GameShark: FIFA Soccer 09 Preview

What a difference an ocean makes. A PlayStation 3 running the newest installment of FIFA Soccer 09 sat lonely here in the US at the EA Showcase, but you can bet that the same console playing across the pond would be at the bottom of a dog pile. There's no accounting for differences in taste between cultures, although it's hard to deny the lengthy list of improvements underway for EA Sports' seminal soccer game. FIFA 09 makes big strides this year with new weekly player updates, refined options and controls, and mind-blowing multiplayer modes.

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Why You Should Care: Slew of improvements across the board; 10v10 online games; new weekly player updates; advanced maneuvers now included for star players

Why You Should Worry: Controls still unbearably complicated for new players; too many options make it inaccessible for casual play.

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