New Update and Gameplay Details Revealed for Prehistoric Survival Sim 'Before'

OnlySP: Bill Lowe, the developer of Before, has posted a blog update revealing new details about his latest game. Working with developers Facepunch Studios, Lowe describes what they’ve achieved since their last update earlier in the year.

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poppinslops880d ago (Edited 880d ago )

I was wondering what was happening with this game - nice to see things are progressing... I think I'm ready to add it to my 'Indie games that won't suck' list, alongside Below, Cuphead, the Long Dark and No Man's Sky.

The Prehistoric Era has become a rather popular setting for games - Far Cry Primal, Wild, even Horizon: Zero Dawn has a 'caveman' vibe - but I think Before's social component, combined with the focus on survival gives it a more 'authentic' touch... The cartoony presentation is basically the opposite of 'Rust', but it has a similar level of depth with regards to the gameplay mechanics - the crafting system looks legit, there's a seasonal weather system, permadeath, breeding, the works!

Apparently Facepunch are working on getting their latest build ready for the public, which they want to have done by June... here's hoping they show some footage at E3.