Duke Nukem Forever heading to Xbox 360?

10-years-in-the-making FPS Duke Nukem Forever could be coming to the Xbox 360, it's speculated, following the appearance of new job ads posted by 3D Realms.

The job listings, found on site Gamasutra, are advertising for an environment artist and programmer to work at 3D Realms' Texas studio on PC and Xbox 360 development, with "passion for making and playing over-the-top action games" - which could mean that Duke's much-delayed return would be the game the new employees will be working on.

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THWIP5236d ago

...then they need to include the first 2 DN games on the disc as a bonus.

BlindPublic5236d ago

They need to show some sign this game may actually get finished, and be released. It would also help if the graphics didn't look dated as I suspect they will.

JPomper5236d ago

I won't believe it until I see it.

r10005236d ago

OH man this will be awesome if it's tru... I loved all Duke Nukem games....

hope this is tru....

T-Virus5236d ago

and I'm all out of gum!

You're an insperation for birth control!

Just a few classic lines form the Duke himself.

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The story is too old to be commented.