Opinion: Overwatch Might Just Reshape Retail Gaming

Does Overwatch have the power to Reshape the way Retail companies sell games?

Devon argues his case in an opinion piece.

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Lonnie181589d ago

Nope although really fun it's just another shooter to add to the pile!

Erik73571589d ago

Reminds me of a modern tf2 without all the stupid hats and things valve puts in their games now...I want to play it or atleast try it!

DesignatedDevon1589d ago

I had played Battleborn and enjoyed it.

Once Overwatch launched their beta, I liked the pace of it. I'm definitely a Battlefield guy, but look forward to this.

MoveTheGlow1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

I don't think the at-once scheduling will reshape retail gaming. People will also download this thing once it's available, and it's no big deal. I do think, however, that games like Overwatch have the potential to reshape retail through being *actually successful* transmedia IPs.

So many companies have overstepped on their budgets (Square), their talents (Insomniac), and their capacity (Comcept) in order to put a video game into more than one medium in order to create a more deeply personal connection with characters, or to grow a franchise's audience. Blizzard has decided to release high-quality short (read: affordable enough, but good) films *as* the marketing, promoting characters with gigantic action figures in big cities, sending giant metal loot boxes that are well-thought-out to YouTubers, having Razer tie-ins that look (in a very rare case for Razer) great.

Gamestop could cash in on a franchise that's so successful that a generation of kids - not just niche gamers - would seek out action figures, shirts, comics, and eventually a full movie... and come on, Blizzard is already moving into full-length films, getting significant investments for making a huge Warcraft movie because that long-standing group of fans exists.

This could mean that the big retail publishers could take a year off from their annualized franchises, stop tiring out their overworked and crunched teams, and put out one or two big, giant, quality franchises instead. AAA, after all, is getting supplanted by mobile more and more - if they approached marketing (and not gameplay!!!!) more like blockbuster movies, this could work in retail gaming outlets' favor.

We started talking about Titanfall 2 the minute Titanfall dropped, or the next CoD a month after everyone tired out of playing the current one. What if these guys took a step back and made just one game mean something more? It could lead to more than just digital game sales.

DesignatedDevon1588d ago

Thanks for taking the time for such a great comment!

I would love to see big league publishers take more time on their products to better serve their staff and customer base. I agree that we are very much groomed into a "I want it as fast as possible" culture. But we get new cellphones and tablets every year. We're now used to a new Madden every August and a new Call of Duty every November. Which is hurting us.

I think that with Overwatch's potential success, it will definitely change the way people that buy games in stores, will buy them. Digital will still be there for the people that never want to leave their homes. But the collector will always prefer the disc. And I think this anti-midnight approach will serve as a shift.