Hong Kong Gamers Can Buy Their Way Into The Home Beta

via PS3Fanboy,

"In Hong Kong or Singapore and want to take part in the Home beta? Just spend $60 HKD ($7.69) or $12 SGD ($8.48) on one single purchase off the PLAYSTATION Store before September 12th and you've secured your spot.
Don't feel like spending money? SCEH have 100 spots available for those who fill out an online registration form..."

They also state that the beta will be in traditional Chinese in Hong Kong, and English in Singapore. There is also a third way to get in, according to local news media, but it was undisclosed at the time.

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Jamegohanssj53700d ago

They are lucky as fudge! I wish we could do that.


RevN8r3700d ago

I don't really want to buy my way in, but given the option, I'm sure I would. I can't wait until we have our way in.