The New Xbox Experience, Part II: Spotlight and Primetime

Interscription continues its analysis of the New Xbox Experience with a review of the Spotlight and Primetime NXE sections.

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Arsenic133700d ago

Can we use all of XBL features while playing a Xbox 1 game? Like can i have the 8 person or just 1 person private chat while playing old Xbox 1 game? Do i have access to my friends list?

Sez 3700d ago

um.. yeah you could. i recently downloaded NGB onto my HDD for the 360. and you can still use the same features as you would in any other game. you just can't get achievements for xbox1 games. which kind of sucks IMO. lol

Spydiggity3700d ago

they'd definitely sell more xbox 1 games if they added achievements for them.

Arsenic133700d ago

I think your bullshitting me or you misunderstood, if you have the new dash already you cant go online or you will get busted. So how do you know you can private chat ppl and stuff from a Xbox 1 game?

elitewh0re3699d ago

correct me if i'm wrong, but Nelson said on a podcast that all features work retrospectivly, and presumbably if what vega meant that he can still use 'current' features on the XBO then the new features should also work too, though this is just my speculation.. we won't know till maybe tomorrow at the PAX event..

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jack who3700d ago

real prizes = am sold

cant wait.

byeGollum3700d ago

do you really expect them to go back into development trying to implement achievements on Last Gen Games ? Just to Satisfy Morons...Live keeps improving, be satisfied with what you got ..v

Arsenic133700d ago

They said what they want, i don't give a crap about XB1 achievements. I just want the full features of live while playing a XB1 game. This should be a feature, or MS is ignoring every spectrum, even tho they say every one is covered.

Wii60Fan3700d ago

release the damn thing already!

Oh and btw- Mccain just lost the election lol.

texz3700d ago

This is something new, and i am afraid of it. Just let it be as it is MS. Plsss.

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