GWG and Red Dead Redemption’s Possible June Leak?

It seems from a picture that's been leaked on the net from what looks like a Chinese market place that we maybe getting Read Dead Redemption as a next months backwards compatible game, also Rise: Son Of Rome and Lichdom: Battlemage. Of course this could be fake, but if its not June will be an amazing time indeed. If you recall when Xbox did a poll on what games people would like to have on BC Red Dead Redemption was one of the top most titles. We will update you with more info has it come in, until then make sure you like our Facebook Page, join our Facebook Group and follow on Twitter for all the latest Xbox One news, reviews and competitions.

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Crimzon2324d ago

Nice surprise for Xbox owners if true. I think the interesting thing to take away from this however is that if Rockstar is willing to give Red Dead Redemption away on XBL, it could be another sign pointing towards an upcoming announcement of a new Red Dead game. Seems to be pretty good timing, remind people of how great RDR is and then announce a sequel at E3.

vega2752324d ago

Even if they don't give it for free with games for gold. At least make it BC like black ops and watch the sales fly.

kevnb2324d ago

Too bad about the used game market though... And this is why we have so many "remasters"

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Monster_Tard2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Since Bioshock Infinite has already been a GWG title, I'm going to say this is fake.

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Monster_Tard2324d ago

The 2nd time wasn't part of GWG, you didn't even need to be a gold subscriber to get it.

Rookie_Monster2324d ago

Monster Tard said,
"you didn't even need to be a gold subscriber to get it."
Kotaku: "Witcher 2 download requires an Xbox Live Gold Account"


Monster_Tard2324d ago

Wow you found one site that wrongly states that it requires gold, here is a few that say otherwise and you can even read in the comments people are saying they got it without gold.

"All Xbox Live members, regardless of Xbox Live Gold subscription status"

"and does not appear to require an Xbox Live Gold account to download."

"You do not need Gold to claim this."

TheColbertinator2324d ago


Was not aware of that.

Silly Kotaku,misinformed as usual.

Mikefizzled2324d ago

People are missing a point here. Lichdom Battlemage is a seriously terrible port. I doubt Microsoft will give away a game that runs so so terribly on their console.

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The story is too old to be commented.