Rumor : New family priced PS3 without Blu Ray?? reports: "Sony is rumored to be making drastic changes to recapture the market before losing even more of it's command share to the likes of Nintendo (the success story of the holiday season) or the XBox 360 (still suffering in the land of the rising sun, but gaining momentum everywhere else). In a move that is "aimed at family pricing," Sony is rumored to be working on a Playstation 3 that does not include the Blu Ray drive. Whether this will result in the current low-end model having a change, or a newer "entry level" Playstation 3, remains to be seen. However, this is in stark contrast to their previous, egocentric, statements regarding "what kind of consumer"* will be looking at the Playstation 3."

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Gears5442d ago

No one wants a PS3, Playstation is old, it is time for a change and it is the 360 and the Wii dominating this round. Blu-Ray will fail, everyone knows this! Sony has screwed themselves and I don't ever see them coming back from this unless microsoft buys them.

Furthermore, if you want to see a $200 HD-DVD player, you need only look at the 360's $200 add-on, which sold an incredibly impressive 42K in NA in December. Quite an impressive feat, i'm sure that Sony is in for some hurt. Oh, well-I guess mass support from nearly ever movie studio and electronics company, and Sony owning half of the entire movie library cant help Blu-Ray now. Shame. Sony anre LOSERS. Microsoft knows how to run a successful business, Sony you need to take notes. You are slowly being eatin alive by Microsoft, serves you right. LOL

Syko5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

An Entry level PS3 scares me more than what they currently have, If Sony puts out a Machine for less than a premium 360 MS is screwed cause like I said before they have brand recognition, And for people like me that bought two PS2's it was hard to make the switch to the Original Xbox. Simply due to the fact that I had 20+ games and a ton of accesories, It was cheaper to buy another PS2. But now im glad I did cause it made it easy to "Jump In" (Minus the 16 Hour wait to get it) =P However I don't see this happening cause it would finally prove that Blu-Ray is not needed for games and Sony defiently can't send that message to the industry

Juevani5442d ago (Edited 5442d ago )

''Gears'' yeah thats why it couldnt sell more than 10 mill. in awhole year alone and more, get outta here with that bs, if u want to change then change who cares, 1 customer aint sh1t..

I don't think Sony will do it, its just another rumor.. Sony made this move for a reason I doubt that they made a mistake (just people wanna see them makin a mistake thats why the media is all up on Sony) we all will see Sony on top again no doubt..

Gears5442d ago

Without a blu-ray player, it simply isn't possible for them to do this. Think about it they would have to release two versions of the game dvd and blu-ray. It would cost more money to do that, they can't release a model without blu-ray. What a stupid rumor!

Legionaire20055442d ago

The Blue Ray is the reason why the PS3 is 200 times expensive. I think Sony made a big mistake adding Blue Ray to the PS3, because it's causing lackluster sales for Sony. Will it be a problem for Game developers if Sony made a PS3 without a Blue Ray? Some developers had already said that they love the extra space. I say there is a 50% percent chance that Sony could ditch the Blue Ray on the PS3.

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