Sega Europe: We're very interested in bringing Atlus games to UK

By Alex Calvin

Titles from Japanese games giant Atlus could be coming to Europe by way of Sega.

Atlus’ releases were previously launched in the UK and Europe by NIS America. However, following the finalisation of Sega’s purchase of Atlus, relations with NIS America have become strained and the two terminated their relationship in April.

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TheColbertinator1847d ago

Sega has a poor history with Europe which worries me for future Atlus releases if even Square Enix and NISA could publish their old titles.

Yi-Long1845d ago

I just hope Sega will include (=not butcher out) the original Japanese voices. Sega usually keeps the Japanese voices included, while Atlus usually took them out completely.

TheColbertinator1845d ago

Learn Japanese. Import. Its better than hoping for each game to

A. Come to Europe

B. Have Japanese dubs

Yi-Long1845d ago

Why don't YOU learn to read subtitles so they don't have to hold back every release to include an English dub for you guys!? It's a Japanese game; just let them talk Japanese and slap some subs on it.

Chaos_Order1846d ago

More physical Vita releases please!