Amazon Leaks Upcoming Backwards Compatible Titles Including Skate 2 And Fable Anniversary

ThisGenGaming says "Amazon have leaked huge upcoming backwards compatible titles which include Skate 2 and Fable Anniversary.

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Summons751417d ago

I hope this is true. It took far too long to get the Fable Anniversary on the list.

Fin_The_Human1417d ago

Its taken them way too long to bring Lost Odessy...I still have the game in my collection but don't have a 360.

MS will make money with this game since it went under the radar and its hard to find so people who want to play with repurchase it via digital download.

Farmassy1416d ago

Am I the only one that really wants shadowrun? One of my favorite shooters of all time!

slate911416d ago

Very very very underrated!!!

opinionated1417d ago

Fable 1 was the only good one.

BiggerBoss1417d ago

I liked fable 2. 3 was garbage though

opinionated1417d ago

True. Let me rephrase, fable 1 was the only great one.

ITPython1417d ago

Oh boy, incoming flood of articles here about how skate 2 and fable are selling out on eBay and how the internet is imploding as a result.

Fin_The_Human1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

And what's wrong with that?

Better than the flood of petition for UC4 articles.

You seem salty.

Kiwi661417d ago

But there was only about 2 articles about Black Ops on BC so if thats "a flood of articles" then maybe you need to get out more

vegasgamerdawg1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Incoming flood of fanBOY's, to explain away any news they don't like.So they may justify their purchase due to their own insecurity. Being unpaid corporate slaves, they don't know any better. Grow up.

yomfweeee1417d ago

It's easy to get rabid over these games when your system can't put out any exclusives worthwhile.

franwex1417d ago

Besides Uncharted 4, Sony and Nintendo haven't really done much either lately troll

yomfweeee1417d ago

You forgot SFV, MLB, R&C, Alienation and The Witness already released. No Man's Sky wrapping up the first half of 2016.

My what a selective memory you have.

Fin_The_Human1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

SFV a 30% complete mess.

MLB yes because we are all fans of the most boring sport in the world.

R&C great game but nothing to write home about.

No mans SKY still has to prove its self and is time exclusive.

DragonbornZ1417d ago

It's easy to get rabid over news of BC titles when your'e incredibly sensitive.

Hold_It1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


It must be hard having a console that creates a paywall for a feature that is on the other two consoles for free.
Trolls, smh.

Hold_It1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


You forgot SFV is on PC, The Witness is also on PC, and No Man's Sky is also on PC, and Baseball is hands down the most boring sport of all time imo. It's easy to trash talk a console when you only own one of the three current gen ones. If your PS4 is "Oh, So Great", why aren't you playing it right now? Why are you trolling on this website? Why are you counting multiplatform titles as exclusives? You're starting to sound like Microsoft from the 360 days, back when they used to claim COD as an exclusive.

Fin_The_Human1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Think he forgot that No Mans Sky is console time exclusive.

yomfweeee1417d ago

Please please don't bring up PC versions. Nearly every X1 title will be on PC in the future.

yomfweeee1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Because I don't play my console 24/7 means it isn't great? That must be your own ignorant view.

I own 2 current gen systems, thanks.

If I wanted to play old games, I wouldn't have sold my old systems.

1417d ago
Hold_It1417d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

It's okay for Microsoft to have Xbox One games on Windows 10, considering Windows is OWNED by MICROSOFT. Acting like a game that is on PS4 and PC is exclusive when it's not is retarded, but once again you typical N4G Sony B O Y Z don't disappoint with blind fanboyism and dismissal of facts.

Also, backwards compatibility isn't just for people who sold their old consoles, especially when it provides improvements to older games due to new hardware. Way to downplay that again drone.

PS3 had far from the best graphics when the console came out, and ALL of the multiplatform games ran better on 360, and ran like shit in comparison on PS3. The frame rate and graphics comparisons are closer for X1 and Ps4 than they were for PS3 trying to compete with 360 early one. The PS3 actually got bodied by the 360 in sales for quite awhile, it wasn't until around the end of last gen that Sony overtook MS in sales.

"Best Exclusives" is subjective, that means it is up to the individual to decide if they think it is better for them or not, not something that can be proven (Opinion not fact). If the PS4 had the "Best Exclusives" I would be playing it more than just playing FFX Remastered, Infamous Second Son, and Nathan Drake Collection, and Bloodborne.

The funny thing about most of those games is they have little to no replayability, and no multiplayer (FFX has replayability, but all of them have no MP except Bloodborne). Also the Xbox One is outselling the 360, and that is SUCCESSFUL for the Xbox to outsell its predecessor.

Edit: The 360 had better hardware in every aspect except CPU, and if you actually looked at the specs sheet you would know that. The PS4 has better hardware in about every aspect vs the X1 except CPU. But keep downplaying things because you're a blind fanboy.

yomfweeee1417d ago

Console exclusive is console exclusive. It isn't a fanboy thing ad Sony and Microsoft use it themselves in their conferences all the time for bragging rights. When it comes to console wars, console exclusives are very important.

The ONLY reason MS had a sales lead was because it had a one year head start. If you align their start dates, Sony sold faster.

PS3 was way more powerful and first party games destroyed 360 graphics. Multiplat were the tiniest bit better on 360 because devs were lazy.

When you go buy reviews and awards, PS3 killed 360 on exclusives.

Sony destroys MS in exclusives numbers and review scores. Call it subjective if you want.

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