11 per cent of teens addicted to games

From "More than one-in-ten teenagers could be addicted to games, so a new study in Germany is claiming.

"The study, which was conducted by the University of Koblenz-Landau, looked at the gaming habits of 10-20-year-old Germans to look for signs of videogame addiction.

"According to the study's findings, 11 per cent of the sample group showed signs of "unhealthy gaming behaviour."

"The study's findings also showed that (unsurprisingly) boys were more likely to be affected by this than girls, and that those afflicted may choose to lose themselves in a world of gaming because they feel overwhelmed by their daily lives.

"More importantly though, the study also concluded that there's a distinct difference between playing games a lot, and being addicted to games."

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Heldrasil3705d ago

Much better than 11% addicted to crack or selling themselves to the lowest bidder for a few hits of meth...