Microsoft Execs Hyping Up E3 Announcements, Teases Gears of War 4 Gameplay Footage

With only a few weeks to go before E3 begins, several Microsoft executives are already teasing and hyping up potential announcements at the show.

DopeTech2977d ago

OMG Gears of War 4 new gameplay at E3!!

I hope they announce the new more powerful Xbox One and showcase Gears 4 SP running at 1080p/60fps with better graphics on the new Xbox One, that would be a treat! HYPE!!

christocolus2977d ago

Well we all knew this was coming. I want to see Recore and Sea of Thieves

Kingthrash3602974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I thought last year's gears footage was gameplay. Well if it wasn't I'm interested to see what it looks like. Thay said, I want to see some new games. At least one new AAA exclusive ip that will be a flagship xbo game.
Wow I'm at a loss at the disagrees. ...who disagrees with wanting to see new ips????????????? Lol.

freshslicepizza2974d ago

this e3 will pave the future plans of the xbox one. if they don't show any new ip's then that to me is troubling. they also need to show gameplay for recore which is likely delayed to 2017 and release dates for sea of thieves and scalebound. what i dont want to see is the new call of duty, that's probably going to be at sony's e3.

i expect windows 10 to be brought up a lot and more on crackdown 3. probably a beta this year and a release early next year. a new xbox one slim for $249 would be the way to go.

rivaldoo7772974d ago

Hope they announce a much more powerful version of their Console.

nix2974d ago

The only thing MS will have to do to make an impression at E3 is to buy a franchise... Like Minecraft but make ot exclusive. Considering how popular Minecraft is, imagine how many sales they would have got if they made it exclusive to Xbox1.

Last time they tried with Tomb Raider. This time it will be even bigger franchise. Like a game from R*. Something like that.

poppinslops2974d ago

R* won't ever make another exclusive - those days are long gone... their games sell far too well for Take-Two to ever consider it, plus the amount of $$$ required to offset their lost sales would be ridiculous - more than the game itself.

Same deal with Minecraft - yeah, Microsoft owns the IP, but it cost 'em $2.5billion, so of course they're going to release it on every possible platform... hardware doesn't bring in much profit, but software is a goldmine.

Regardless, the XO is Microsoft's fastest-selling console, so I don't see them changing their approach with regards to 1st/3rd party acquisitions... that said, I expect we'll see more PC 'only' games getting ported (courtesy of Win10/DX12) and maybe something related to Steam's integration (those xbox/steam websites can't be for nothing).

freshslicepizza2974d ago

phil spencer said he isn't into making timed exclusive deals anymore so let's see him put his money where his mouth is and show us new ip's that will be owned by microsoft. you won't see them having any deals with rockstar but you might see more collaborations with known studios like insomniac and remedy.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2976d ago

It was stated months ago the campaign is 1080p 30fps. Don't believe the rumours of upgraded consoles. You're probably not getting the 2 times power increase needed to go from 1080p 30fps to 1080p 60fps.

iTechHeads2974d ago

It's just Gears though. We already know how it plays. There was a beta...

I want to see a AAA new IP

nix2974d ago

But not many buys new IP in the Xbox community. Look at Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive. AAA games but ignored by many.

AngelicIceDiamond2974d ago

Be prepared for MS to get hate no matter what they do let me explain. If MS announces a revisioned console gamers, critics the whole media will bash MS "saying they're screwing us again" possible boycotts similar shades of 2013 (though in 2013 they had it coming)

But that's ONLY if their competition doesn't their revisioned console. Flip it and say the competition announces theirs then the media will say "Once again the X1 is weak" "X1 is definitely the weak link now" more ridicule and mockery.

This is my theory obviously it'll be interesting if it happens.

As for E3, I just want announcements to Scalebound, Recore, CC3 beta and fingers crossed Phantom Dust re announced with gameplay. I want release dates as well as new games.

GrubsterBeater2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Well that's going to happen regardless. XBox is the inferior console in both the "graphics" department and games department, so it wouldn't surprise me if your "theory" does happen. The only way you won't see an article like that is if XBox actually announces some NEW IPs and a upgraded console that is faster than the PS4 (if they don't release a NEO), or a new console that is faster than the NEO. MS is gonna get hate no matter what, so your theory is the obvious truth of what will happen. The PS4 will also see similar doom and gloom articles, it's not just the XBox that gets them..

Either way, XBox NEEDS to just focus on games this E3, and not just quantity of games, they also need to show some NEW IPs that scream quality.PlayStation is already gonna show some already known about heavy hitters, along with some new megatons like they do every year, and MS needs to try and counter that with some megatons of their own (games wise).

Then there's the NEO and the XBox 1.5

I don't know what to expect for each of these and I guess we will see next month, but you also gotta realize that PS is probably gonna show a good amount of VR stuff and I'm sure they will have some amazing announcements for that as well.

This is definitely going to be an interesting E3 for both MS and Sony, that's for damn sure. Let's just hope that they both can really knock this one out of the park. No offense, but MS really needs a megaton E3 this year...

GordonKnight2974d ago

The Nextbox might just be a PC that has the ability to play X1 games. Just imagine The Nextbox having your Xbox live & Steam accounts and the ability to upgrade the Components.

Wallstreet372974d ago

Nah we are just prepared for Sony to dominate E3 again and show the varying different new ips and great sequels taking advantage of the hardware and making us happy. You know typical Sony presentation :)

Stop being a stealth troll and a hater, it doesnt work for you lol

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EddieNX 2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Lookin forward. I'm loving my Xbox One atm, Halo 5 and Forza 6 Just keep on getting better and better . Having (imo) the best FPS and Racing sim goes a long way...

Bruh2974d ago

Careful now you'll get some people upset on N4G with this comment

Bathyj2974d ago

I dont really care when someone says they love their Xbox. Its when they tell me why I shouldnt love my PS4 is when I get annoyed. Eddie is entitled to have his fun however or wherever he can.

WilliamSheridan2974d ago

Bathyj you shouldn't get annoyed, period. It's an opinion. Do you get angry when Sony fans tell Xbox owners why their system is better also? Or is it a one way street?

AngelicIceDiamond2974d ago

"I dont really care when someone says they love their Xbox. Its when they tell me why I shouldnt love my PS4 is when I get annoyed."

Funny thing is I don't really see that happening here. The Xbox fanboyism isn't nearly as strong as the Sony fanboyism here for that.

nix2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )


There's a difference between a fact and an opinion. I get irritated when people start throwing around opinions as facts.

Bathyj2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

You don't get it. Telling someone my system is good (or even better) is not the same thing as telling someone theirs flat out sucks. Don't tell me what I should like our what I should dislike.

And yes, it annoys me when Sony gamers do it too.

kraenk122974d ago

It's just sad people keep bragging about the same old two games.

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KiwiViper852974d ago

He did put (imo)... and I agree with him.

sammarshall1022974d ago

Are there better exclusive FPS and racing games out there than Halo and Forza?

Bruh2974d ago


Yeah Driveclub and Killzone


Condemnedman2974d ago

halo gaurdians is fantastic and multiplayer is epic. don't listen to the haters they haven't got a clue.