What Video Games Have Taught Me About Government

Sometimes we learn things about life from the strangest of places. Video games have a lot to teach about government.

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LaWiiG1614d ago

I would have to agree. And it should be more than an election cycle to keep people engaged. Love games and, hate to say it, politics.

quent1614d ago

"The government totally sucks"

LaWiiG1614d ago

It does. I just don't why people want so much, let alone having it come as a resource for everyday living.

DiscoKid1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

The government gradually takes our rights away while distracting us with false flags, celebrity media, and epidemic scares. They want us to totally rely on them by passing laws that prevent us from growing farms and raising livestock within city limits, feeding the homeless, and storing food and resources over a certain time. This way, when they flip the script on us and declare martial law, we'll have no means of self-sustenance, forcing us to submit to their ambition in order to feed our families.

annoyedgamer1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Unless Ubisoft and EA have anything to say about it, 2 big evil corporations that have a fetish for making big government the victim in their games while you hunt down the "rebels" who disagree with it. That was the premise in Watchdogs and its the premise in the new Mirrors Edge game.

i wish we could go back to the games form the early 2000's, they reflected the rebel culture that made video games. Even movies aimed at gamers were like that, xXx for example.

LaWiiG1614d ago

I feel like once the gap was bridged from a casual marketplace into mainstream, developers started to take themselves too seriously. games like MDK reflect that less serious side.