IO Interactive is Considering a Remastered Version of Hitman: Blood Money

A user on Twitter took to asking a question to the official Hitman account asking about the possibility of a remaster for Hitman: Blood Money and their response was very interesting.

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poppinslops2017d ago

I put more hours into Blood Money than any other last-gen game (including Skyrim), but even I don't think it needs a remaster... IO should just make it backwards compatible and focus on finishing this year's version.

_-EDMIX-_2017d ago

Who is to say IO would even do the remaster? Most developers don't do their own remasters, most times a specialized team is brought in to transfer it.

Consider ND didn't do the Uncharted collection on PS4.

poppinslops2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

"... we have considered it. Blood Money is a much-loved game & we'd want to do it justice"... doesn't sound like they're talking about an outsourced port.

The only way I'd ever consider rebuying Blood Money would be if they remade the game in their new engine, with the modern controls, 'Contracts' mode, the crowd tech and other refinements from the current version... That said, I'd be fine with backwards compatibility, which doesn't take any time away from devs and doesn't cost me a cent.

_-EDMIX-_2016d ago

"The only way I'd ever consider rebuying Blood Money would be if they remade the game in their new engine, with the modern controls" Wold buy, day 1.

I"m pretty positive Square would not have IO doing the remaster but a team that actually does that for a living, MOST remasters are not doineby development teams that make games, but teams that transfer.

ie the main FF team didn't not do the remaster for FFX or really any of their remasters.They outsource teams for that and even if a team does a transfer job, it could be a very, very small team.

Teams as small as 10 people have ported games before and its actually not uncommon for such a small team to do such a job. BC is nice, but it offers nothing to the community that wants improvements. I already own Blood Money on a system to play it on lol, that doesn't do nothing for me. I want a remaster!!

IO has around 200 developers.....a remaster might need like 10 of em lol. They'll live.

poppinslops2016d ago

If the only improvements are to the frame-rate and resolution then it wouldn't be worth any devs effort - the old control scheme doesn't hold up as well as you remember, the 1st/3rd person perspectives both need work, there's no cover system (adding one wouldn't break it), the animations, the textures... I just can't see a port of a PS2 game selling very well.

But it doesn't sound like that's what they're considering... and if they do decide to do a proper remake, then I wouldn't trust anyone but the Eidos/IO crew with such a task.

annoyedgamer2017d ago

And I would buy it. But before that is done, please release the full Hitman game, I am not buying it in pieces.

_-EDMIX-_2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


Then wait this fall or early next year. Pretty sure its been stated to death that its releasing as full title later on.

No one is really forcing you to play it early bud. one lol

SouthClaw2017d ago

Go one step further remaster all hitman missions into a huge hitman game. It wouldn't be too complicated all the maps from code name 47 to blood money were not that big or complicated.

However I agree please finish this current game FIRST and release a full GAME not episodic crap.

_-EDMIX-_2017d ago

O_O WELL DAMN! That would be a MASTERFUL undertaking. Those missions if put through the current Himan structure would be more complex in regards to options.

I would actually really, really like to see such a thing done.

Also you don't need to buy it episodic. Wait til its done, they releasing the game as they make it, they are not withholding it to release it this way.

Mind you, even if they did......why would it be crap? Its merely an option, an option you don't even need to buy. Just wait til its done lol.

That is like getting upset that a game supports a rental service because you don't like rentals.

When did they say you have zero choice or options to buy it in another format?

So are you mad that companies support gamefly and PSNOW? What does an option have to do with you that you are not even supporting in the first place?

I just can't say its "crap" because I don't like it. You still get a full game buddy, like you always were going to get.

N0TaB0T2017d ago

I know this is greedy, but having Contracts remastered with the current visuals would be primo outstanding.

2016d ago
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