New Left 4 Dead In-Game Footage: "Last Stand"

Brand new in-game footage for the upcoming zombie-shooter by Valve, Left 4 Dead.

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strotee3728d ago

I've never been a fan of "fast" zombies. Call me old school, but I like slow-moving zombies, they instill more fear and can sneak up on you.

With regard to the game, my initial reaction is that it looks annoyingly repetitive.

radio0o3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Agreed completely. I'm not denying this game could be ok for some arcade style fun with friends, but overall the hype for this game is way out of proportion. Just sitting there shooting with what seems like an endless amount of ammo is quite ridiculous. The gameplay is literally just shoot-forever, occasionally running in between the shooting. That's... it... If you look at other videos too you can see how unpolished this game is: graphics, animation, attention to detail, and more are sub-par.

Way overhyped.

Franklinstein3728d ago

Those uber fast zombies look alot more scary. They literally burst out onto you.

Fishy Fingers3728d ago

Real life, Id take them slow for obvious reasons. But in a movie/game I prefer them to have a little pace, 28 Days Later convinced me of that.

thenickel3728d ago

This game is using an AI director which will instruct it to change the way the game is experienced every time you play it. Also I personally don't find anything wrong with fast paced zombies and think it's good that somebody is changing it up. We as gamers should be happy for these types of risks being taken by developers. There's still RE5, Dead island, and rising coming which are slow paced so L4d is definitely something new and fresh to add to the table.

PoSTedUP3728d ago

yea 28 dyays later was sick when it came out. i still need to see 28 weeks later. dawn of the dead was another awesome fast paced zombie movie (the newer one lol) the older one they were slow as a mofo.

L4d... looks alright, just not my style, pace, or type of game.

xm15e2s3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I think people need to be reminded that if someone were to watch a few short videos of the Half-Life series, they could easily say the same thing (graphics are dated/not good, boring game play, ect.) but we all know that Half-Life turned out to be a masterpiece.

Valve has a proven track record of making awesome games, so I have little reason to believe that Left 4 Dead will be anything less than great.

Firstkn1ghT3728d ago

Oh yes....the ever popular...."fast zombies vs. slow zombies" argument.

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pp3728d ago

Another exclusive xbox360 game which rapes ps3 pathetic 08 line up of games

dericb113728d ago

It's sad to think this will compare to the far better looking R2 8 player co-op. We will not miss this game come November when R2 drops.

TheXgamerLive3728d ago

B/C there was a "bunch" of them:)

I loved the feel of this game and the graphics truly kick ass.

I just bought a new 1080p 42" LCD and this has brought the gameplay and graphics and sound to new heights for me. I'm loving it.

Xbox 360 rules totally.

Ali_The_Brit3728d ago

It isnt an xbox360 exlusive?



and the PC version will be far superior than the 360 version

*rolls around laughing*

so ANY PS3 fanboy can get this, and play a better version than the 360 version on there PC

Kleptic3728d ago

game runs on Source doesn't it?...if it isn't Source, Valve created a new engine that simply looks identical to it...this looks like Half Life 2 at night...

not that that is a bad thing...its just nice to know my 2 year old business laptop will run this game without breaking a sweat...

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3728d ago

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
Hmm...Please don't bring this to the PS3!!! ;-D
I really don't want it!!!(even for my P.C)
Looks outdated to me, PS3 could run this POS easily!!! ;-D

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thor3728d ago

Graphics look pretty poor to me, gameplay well it's just a shooter, doesn't innovate, in fact this particular section of gameplay seemed to involve shooting and not even aiming or moving. Same old FPS gameplay that we've seen a billion times, except boring since you spend it all in the same place barely moving, with sub-par graphics. I'll skip on this one I think.

BrownPowerzz3728d ago

Why do you mean it's sub-par? You can't judge it by this video alone, IMO! I've seen HD footage of L4D and it looks really good and fast paced! I've got a 360, but I'm getting this one for my PC for sure!

GG, people!

Franklinstein3728d ago

I'm sure that by time this is released it will look as good as 90% of the next gen games on the market.

Gam713728d ago

But to some that wont mean anything.

thor3728d ago

I was also having a bit of a dig at those critisizing games like Killzone 2; that has far superior graphics to this, and so people have to have a go at it for not innovating. I share those concerns somewhat, as I do for this game, but I really don't see anything that makes me want to buy it. I _can_ buy a game just for pretty graphics, and resonable gameplay, but if a game is more of the same I'm not keen to buy it.

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Reminded me of the old Hammer Horror movies - cheesy but strangely very atmosphoric.

Looks hectic yes but a bit repetitive - sitting on the fence for the moment.

bcooper563728d ago

This game is amazing it will be goty

Franklinstein3728d ago

I think L4D looks fun, and I'll be getting it. But I think Fable 2 will be this years GOTY.

Vespertine3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )


I don't think so.
It's too soon to call Left 4 Dead game of the year.
It's too soon to call any game GOTY.

Common sense.

poopsack3728d ago

lol your kidding right?

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