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Nick Ballantyne at GameCloud writes: "Overall, Stellaris delivers a 4X game that is not only approachable but hugely enjoyable. As it stands, some mechanics need to be added, and sectors might make you mad, but it’s still a thoroughly enjoyable game as it is. If you’ve ever felt like checking 4X games out but been overwhelmed by their complexity, this is the game you’re looking for. If you want to play the most bitchin’ race of mushroom slavers this side of the Kappa belt, this game is also for you, but maybe you should rethink your values. Trust me, doesn’t pay off late game. Friggin’ bird-people and their morals. Disgusting."

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Ark_1271d ago

Best strategy game I played since long. It's allready fun as hell (if you like 4x strategy and Scifi).
With some expansions and modding this could get a real masterpiece.