Gran Turismo Sport is Gran Turismo 7 after all

Digital Spy reports:

You remember when Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital said Gran Turismo Sport wasn't Gran Turismo 7? Yeah, we do too. But apparently that's now not the case.

Speaking during a round table attended by Digital Spy at the Gran Turismo Sport unveiling, Polyphony confirmed that the game could have been called Gran Turismo 7 after all.

"The reason we called it Gran Turismo Sport was that we really wanted to incorporate the FIA events," explained Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

"Thinking about it now, yeah, we could have called it Gran Turismo 7. But it's got so many features, we wanted it to be different."

So there you go. It is actually Gran Turismo 7 but with a new Gran Turismo Sport name.

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Septic1276d ago

Well there you go. There's that excuse down the toilet. We shouldn't expect half measures then.

freshslicepizza1275d ago

why is sony rushing out one of their biggest flagship titles then?

Crimzon1275d ago

I'd like to know how they're going to launch the game in six months if it's only 50% complete.

MrSec841275d ago

@Crimzon: It's a subjective thing for that developer. Evidently PD considers having a working title they can show off to the public and let them try out to be at the 50% complete state.
The next 50% will be about actually combining all completed assets into the final package and refining the games code (otherwise known as optimization) for launch.

FYI games usually go gold about a month before release to give the publishers time to print discs ready for launch day, so that would likely be about 5 months from a week before the GT Sport event.
Maybe there will be a post launch patch, as with basically all games today, but Polyphony's big date will be some time in mid October, unless they get done sooner than that.

ServerBOT1275d ago

It seems like it's been in development for a while, but the footage released looks like it's being rushed.

formanbradley1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

Apparently the cut mission 51 from MGSV is only 30% complete, when it's just missing lip syncing and looks presentable in every other regard.

Salooh1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

This is unbelievable. WTH ?!!!

Please , read the article , Kaz said : "Thinking about it now, yeah, we could have called it Gran Turismo 7. But it's got so many features, we wanted it to be different."

You people don't know english ?. There is a difference between (could of) and ( it is ). This is actually good "news" , it is not just a prologue :D

The title and article is a troll attempt. People fell for it again , it is a little stupid but they are used to reading the title and comments only. However, if this is not removed this site will have less impact on me and good luck to you people fighting lies such as this. What a waste of time -.-

@Septic and rookie
No matter how much you want it to be true it is never happening. This is not GT7. Fans are very excited and this will definitely sell well.

mogwaii1275d ago

Psvr, its not hard to fathom.

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Dee_911275d ago

What excuse and what half measures?
You do know at the event they were getting new builds sent in from japan every 8 hours?

Wow. This guy completely took that answer out of context. There are guys on the Gtplanet forums who were there too, and from their explanation, no this is not GT7. Kaz essentially said its the basis of gt7. This Gran Turismo is focused on esports. This is not a full gran turismo.

dreadz741275d ago

lol do we speak the same language? Does not get any clearer than the words straight from the team lol#DamageControl#TheFinest

medman1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

@septic @crimzon
I expect full measures.....from what I've seen thus far, some of the background environments are seriously lacking, and if this could indeed be considered GT7, the car and track count are not impressing compared to the recent competition from games like Project Cars, Forza, Driveclub, etc. etc. I'm not sure why, if the game is indeed only 50 percent complete as Polyphony claims, they would show it this way. Also, I don't see how if the game is only halfway through development it will make the fall release they announced. The whole thing seems a bit strange.

If you have a limited number of cars, and a limited number of tracks, the game should show a high degree of polish everywhere. Unfortunately as it stands with GTSport, that is not the case. I've moved on from Driveclub and need a new racing game for the fall, I'm hoping GT will be it.....despite this rather curious debut. Before there was no way you could have convinced me I would consider Assetto Corsa as a legitimate alternative to GTSport this go round, but that is where I stand at the moment. Time will tell....GTSport better knock VR out of the box and get it very right.

Septic1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )


Ofc sales wise it will destroy Forza. Not a genius prediction.

Here's a better bet; which game will be rated higher? Forza 6 or this?? Come let's make this fun and put some money on it.

And FYI, I've acknowledged that this is 50% done and can improve DRASTICALLY. But you lot cry and shed tears making accusations but don't clock that eh? Or the fact that I rinsed Gears for not being a radical improvement over last gen.

Come on then. Put your money where your mouth is.

Rude-ro1275d ago

Nd there you go, defending games like gears of war for being an alpha beta demo and forza 5 for being a stripped down hd port of forza 4 yet, jumping on a little bit of news of this "could have been".
What you are failing to understand due to your biased lean and trolling, is, it could have been but, as they started seeing another potential with actual competitive online competitions, they put their resources into another direction is not making it gt7.
But troll away. I'll put this down now, sales gts vs forza... Gts will destroy it of which means the fans will speak with their wallets and not in comment sections trolling.

Dark_Knightmare21275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

How do you figure when the author of this article twisted the quote and tried to make more out of it than there was. This isn't gran turismo 7 he was just saying that this game is so big and has so many features that it could have been called gt 7. He's just trying to let people know that just because it isn't a mainline entry doesn't mean it's not worth playing and not once in the article did he definitively state this is gt 7 that was just the author twisting his quote to try to make it sound like that

Jburr941275d ago

You're being downvoted (or whatever y'all call it here) but this is true. People sure know how to twist words and make thousands of people believe them

Dark_Knightmare21275d ago

@jburr94 oh I know that's fanboys for you lol. I articulated my comment clearly and laid out why this isn't gt 7 and why the author of the article was twisting the quote yet the fanboys who rushed here to do what they do best fanboy out don't what to hear the truth so they'll down vote while proceeding to believe this is gt 7 lol its sad.

EddieNX 1275d ago

I don't see the Issue it looks really good to me compared to say Forza 6. The graphics are fine...

1275d ago
Fin_The_Human1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

So this practically a more sugar coated move than what Capcom did with SF5.

The game was GT7 but since GT7 is no where near completion they just took 50% of the game and slapped VR in it and called it GT Sport.

I am all for developers taken time with games but PD is beyond ridiculous and Sony gives then too much preference.

Sure PD made the greatest Sim racer of all time and are practically the father's of the genre but at some point Sony needs to put some pressure on these guys -Prologue and GT Sport is Sony's way of saying hey we need a game from you guys now but I think they still need to pressure PD more.

Evo made a great game with Drive Club and Sony disbanded the studio because of one hiccup but gives PD all the time in the world to make a GT game .

KiwiViper851275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

The only way to know whether or not this is GT7, is to wait for the next GT to release. It will either be called GT7 or GT8. If it is another named title, then GTSport is to be considered 7

LP-Eleven1275d ago

I'm sure you couldn't wait to pounce on this story. ..

In any case, don't care what they call it. I want it.

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Rookie_Monster1275d ago

:'''( . So there won't be a GT7 with a car count, graphics fidelity, dynamic weather that the series is known for? This is devastating news to GT fans everywhere, myself included.

My dream of the ultimate racing simulator on my PS4 has been shattered by this revelation as many thought this was just a spin off.

1275d ago Replies(6)
kraenk121275d ago

Quit your fake concerns Rookie.

Fin_The_Human1275d ago

PD is just too slow with development of GT games that by time they are ready to release or near completion the competition has out did them and moved on to the next step of sim evolution.

Its almost safe to say that PD is no where near the talent that they were since GT3.

They need new blood and I am glad that they hired one of the sound guys from the Forza team which is a start in the right direction.

CaptainObvious8781275d ago

I love Sony and the GT series as much as the next gamer.

It really pains me to say it, but you're right.

3 dam years and only 50% completed and only looking halfway decent.

AdmGenAladeen1275d ago

If you weren't fake as F you might actually be funny.

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hennessey861275d ago

This doesn't surprise me, GT has been on a steady downward spiral since GT4. GT3 was its peak in my opinion, I put a serious amount of hours into that game. For me Assetto Corsa is the one to look out for, it will be worth trhe wait for you console players.

1275d ago
Destiny10801275d ago

gt5 was hands down a million times better then then any ps2 version, they absolutely nailed the handling

RiseofScorpio1275d ago

Gran Turismo post Playstation 2 are nowhere near as good except the handling. 800 of the cars for starters are ported from the PS2.

kraenk121275d ago

They improved immensely on GT6. GT6's tire model even rivals top PC sims!

kraenk121275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

GT6 was much better than GT5. Many people don't know because they never bought it.

1275d ago
kraenk121275d ago


Talking about all those concerned XBots I guess.

garrettbobbyferguson1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I thought GT4 was great. Granted, I appreciate these games in a more casual sense. So I don't know if it would be better or worse than previous titles. Also picked up GT5 to play some splitscreen.

Fin_The_Human1275d ago

This is exactly what I have been trying to tell people.

I have mad respect for PD and consider them to be the fathers of the race sim genre but I think that they just aren't the same anymore and after GT3 they got complacent and lost passion for the genre.

Sony needs to give that studio and over haul and bring in some new blood.

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DarXyde1275d ago (Edited 1275d ago )

I really think they should reconsider. I feel like they're just doing this because it's very likely to sell VR.

Somehow I don't buy this. Sounds like they're trying to steer you into saying, "well, I guess this is the future of the series", inspiring you to buy a VR headset.

I really don't believe this is basically GT7. They've lied to us before to protect a project's sales.

But that aside, once it's optimized, I wonder how it plays. I don't expect visuals to change much, but the performance issues should be resolved.

Let's not look at it like it's a bad game out of the gate. May play very well, though acknowledging the existence of "premium cars" is a grim prospect.

Jburr941275d ago

How awful and disappointing. This is not good news in the slightest.