Digital Foundry Face-Off: Doom

A reinvigorated id software presents a multi-platform tech masterpiece.

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Femto1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

they did a great job with this game, 60fps on consoles, alot of hud customization, you can turn motion blur off and field of view up. the game just looks great. rage ran really well on id tech 5, imagine rage 2 on id tech 6, would love to see that.

MyOpinionIsRight1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

PC version on top as you would expect.

Consoles employ dynamic resolution but remarkably PS4 Sticks to 1080p and 60fps nearly all of the time.

Xbone on the other hand spends the "majority" of the time operating well under 900p and dropping even further which will be close to 720p (is this really 2016?). It also has worse performance than PS4 as well as some lower quality effects. When choosing between consoles there is only one choice. PS4

freshslicepizza1279d ago

when choosing between consoles and a capabale pc there is only one choice. PC. tons of setting options, and free online makes it even more obvious.

Pricey1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@moldybread when choosing between your moma...

Why o why1279d ago

I think he kinda said that moldy. . . He just added which console version was the best of the 2. . No need for the dc. Enjoy whichever formats' version you please but some only have the choice of consoles and it's clear which version comes out on top for this title

1279d ago
MyOpinionIsRight1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


Yes True.

Motion Blur Quality

"As you would expect, this option controls the sample count and quality of the motion blur used in the game. Even at the lower settings, however, motion blur is of an excellent quality on all three platforms though PS4 boasts a slightly higher quality version of the effect compared to Xbox One"

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Majin-vegeta1279d ago


Just like all the time

Sciurus_vulgaris1279d ago

LOL unnecessary, and sometimes the order you gave doesn't always hold true.

Erik73571279d ago

But majority of time......

Forn1279d ago

In which case exactly would that not be true?

MasterCornholio1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Yeah sometimes the PC version is worse due to being poorly optimized. Like Batman Arkham Knight for example.

killer_goat1279d ago

Yeah sometimes its
Xbox one

Kleptic1278d ago

^yeah, it can go any direction...

BF4 was the funniest:

PC: ? Doesn't work
PS4: ? Doesn't work
XBO: ? Doesn't work

So each platform was simultaneously the best, and worst...

AndrewLB1278d ago


You clearly haven't played Arkham Knight on PC recently because there have been lots of fixes and while its a fact the game was borked from the start, many of the people who are still having issues are having them because of user errors that are usually fixed by clean installing graphics drivers using DDU (display driver uninstaller), updating direct x redistribute, .net redistribute, turning off page file if using over 12gb ram, enabling triple buffering and vsync, and properly setting your graphics card to maximum performance and prerendering 1 frame. It runs great for me on my PC and looks WAY better than the console versions.


Please name a multiplatform game where PS4 beats out PC graphically. You can't, because there isn't one.

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jmc88881279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Hovers in the 100-120 FPS range with some dips to 80 and some surges to 140 on my GTX 970 during multiplayer on mostly ultra settings 1080p. Runs great. Haven't tried it at 4k yet, the framerate in multiplayer has just been great so I haven't wanted to tinker yet.

Warpath is fun.

freshslicepizza1279d ago

love to try this at 1440p. can't wait to build my new pc.

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