Forza 2 Platinum Hit: Microsoft Ripping Off Current Owners

Game Focus writes: "It came up as a surprise to us when Microsoft announced that Turn10's Forza Motorsport 2 was getting the Platinum Hit treatment. Then on August 19, the two disc version of the game, featuring all downloadable cars and tracks, was shipping to North American retailers for a mere twenty bucks.

For those who haven't bought the game yet, it's a very, very good deal!

What's Microsoft doing for those who shed up to 60$ for the game when it was released? Apparently nothing!"

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Agent463728d ago

This is a really, really stupid story. Everything goes down in price over time - does that mean all original posters are entitled to some money back? Of course not. This should never have been approved on N4G.

IdleLeeSiuLung3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

I thought so too initially, but after carefully reading the article. What it is really complaining about is that the $20 budget version of the game came with all the DLC for FREE and the game at a discount.

Early adopters got screwed, and if they want the DLC they will have to pay for it and it will probably cost more than $20 for all of it. However, it isn't like this wasn't expected. Other games has been released like this in the past.

The flip side of this is that if gamers complain, MS can in the future release versions without the free DLC. What to do... What to do...

Bnet3433728d ago

Early adopters ... the game is over a year old. if they did this on the second day then yeah but its over a year old, hell it comes with the pro pack too.

MNicholas3728d ago

It's that it has additional content included free of charge whereas those who paid full-price are still forced to pay an additional amount for that same content on top of the $60 they paid originally.

elitewh0re3728d ago

didnt cod4:mw do this within 5 monthes of the original, it happens all the time, but i guess it's different cause microsoft is on the box *sigh*

orakga3728d ago

Nice catch. I actually didn't see that until you pointed it out.
Yeah, it would make more sense to make the DLCs free for those who bought the $60 recently (or at launch) but didn't yet get the DLC.

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Bnet3433728d ago

This is the stupidest article ever. This game is over a year old for phucks sake. Games get cheaper and extra bonus editions get released to increase slow sales like Gears of War Refresh or Lost Planet for PS3.

dericb113728d ago

I agree with you. The difference here is it's not "Bonus content they are offering. This DLC which can be may free to Download if they wanted too. MS needs to get off they're butts and listen to the people.

KingME3728d ago

Perhaps MS made it a platinum hit and added the DLC to entice more people to buy the title. Early adapters also got to enjoy the DLC early. Just like anything else, early adapters of the PS3 got to pay 100.00 more. Did Sony rip off it's early adopters? Hell No. When you want to be on the leading edge, you tend to pay more for it than those who wait, it's the cost of doing business.

This article is whack!

Mike134nl3728d ago

Forza is a great game worth every penny, I don't think Microsoft intentionally would do this, knowing the short temper of a lot of gamers, only brings bad publicity for them.
Though it definitely deserves to be brought to attention of Microsoft, that they should offer the downloadable content for forza for free starting from about now...

3728d ago
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