Downloadable delights

Jason Hill Writes:

"How wonderful to see more and more high-quality new games gracing the console online services lately.

Fresh from hosting the marvelous Braid, Xbox Live users can now also enjoy the likes of Galaga Legions and Geometry Wars 2, while Wii users should not miss the likes of Lost Winds, Strong Bad and My Life as a King.

On the PlayStation Network, Sony has recently delivered the episodic Siren: Blood Curse, The Last Guy and PixelJunk Eden, and last week Ratchet & Clank made its downloadable debut with Quest for Booty.

I'm sure we can all agree that there is a big market for low-priced, high-quality downloadable games that can relieve your gaming itches when time is at a premium. But no doubt there will be some Ratchet & Clank fans who will feel unsatisfied by Quest for Booty's (deliberate) brevity - it can be polished off in just a few hours."

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