The "Git Gud" Mentality is Why People Don't Take Games Seriously

By excluding and demeaning players and press who don't hit an arbitrary skill level, "gamers" are limiting the audience and potential of videogames.

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stalepie1270d ago

good. I don't want "games" to be taken seriously :D

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lociefer1270d ago

says the noob, Git Gud, son !! /joking

lipton1011270d ago

I usually remove the "git gud" tools from my friends list. Not sure what circles you run with, but not me. I play for me. I don't give a shit what those jobless morons think.

gamertk4211270d ago

Ha! Whenever my friends and I get demolished in a game, we yell out "Unemployment!"

SnakeforPresident1270d ago

Because thats so much better. Classic gamer mentality, "Everyone worse than me is a noob, anyone better than me has no life"

nix1269d ago

Hahaha this reminds me of a meme i saw:

Video game difficultly should be

1. Full time job
2. Part time job.
3. Unemployed.

SharnOfTheDEAD1269d ago

It's funny though... That certain people in employment which consists of reviewing games are awful at their job.

MasterCornholio1270d ago

I respect those that don't have the skill to play games on the hardest settings. However , some games like DarkSouls require a standard difficulty level to make the game a good experience. Having a diffierent difficulty settings can make the online experience alot more difficult to manage.

Those who tell other to "get good" are disrespectful however some games need a standard difficulty level to function properly.

yomfweeee1270d ago

This argument is tiring. If you think a lower difficulty takes away from the game... you simply don't use it. Play the regular difficulty.

If you think it affects online, make easy mode offline only.

You can still play the game how you always have and it won't affect you a single bit.

MasterCornholio1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

DarkSouls wouldn't work with multiple difficulty's. Plus the game already has multiple levels of difficulty. Its called new game plus.

Another example of a game that wouldn't work well with multiple difficulty settings is The Witness.

Want easy mode with that game? Just use a walkthrough. Problem solved.

yomfweeee1270d ago

Yes, it would work just fine. Like I said, why do you care? It wouldn't affect you.

Oschino19071269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

They are all afraid you that you might devalue the merit of their "Beat Dark Souls" title they put on their resume when they are applying for a job.

@SharnOfTheDEAD, I have been golfing for 20 yrs, when I was a young kid learning to play it was vital to go to starter courses or golfing on off peak hours so I could take 2nd and 3rd shots so I could immediately make corrections after a bad one.

Also I would sneak onto and play on some holes alone before dark next to where I lived so I could practice shots and situations.

And that's not counting time spent on the range or playing chip and putts. Point is if I had to learn how to play only through full 18 hole courses playing only 1 ball I would have very likely given up and never bothered to try again.

SharnOfTheDEAD1269d ago

Wahhhh i need an easy mode... You play Tetris with slo mo? Some games are supposed to provide a challenge, whats the point of playing? Would you play golf if every ball you hit was a hole in one?

yomfweeee1269d ago

You realize your Tetris example doesn't make sense because it does have slow mode?

And to answer your question, no I don't play it in slow mode. But it is there for the less skilled. It doesn't harm me one bit.

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Swiftfox1270d ago

The Darksouls series is clever enough to have their difficulty setting baked into the various play-styles. You'll have an easier time as a new player using ranged spells and weapons compared to the slower moving massive ones. Trouble is many players don't really enjoy a ranged play-style, or feel pressured to use "the real weapons" other players are using before learning the game. It's not even a "get good" thing, so much as players imposing social stigma by saying "The only way to be taken seriously as a player is to use Weapons X,Y, or Z and if you can't you're just a terrible player."

MasterCornholio1270d ago

I played alot of From Software's games. The games difficulty depends on the players ability to learn from their encounters. Once you figure out the correct strategy the game becomes alot easier. Thats the main reason why it's so rewarding because the game requires you to think to solve the issues that you have with it.

Plus theres always the option of farming souls and upgrading items to make the game easier. That's something that I did multiple times throughout my playthroughs.

Swiftfox1270d ago


My introduction to From Software was their Armored Core series--one of the least accessible games anyone could ever play. Could you learn the missions and fights? Sure. But with cheap Op-I AI opponents, having to unlock more parts as you go, and having to marry those parts into a rather intimidating customization system, it was like tossing yourself off a sheer rock face.

Learning patterns, systems, and methods for given tasks is inherent in any game you play. Experience and repetition brings mastery. What I was bring into focus was Darksouls being accessible by allowing certain play styles more forgiveness compared to others. At the end of the day, difficulty is about player forgiveness and allowing accessibility. Darksouls would not have the fanbase it does without this accessibility and allowing players to succeed and learn via their own abilities and tastes.

rainslacker1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

I don't think that all games are meant for all people. I respect that at least the dev feels that the difficulty should be at a certain level, and won't criticize them for it.

I don't really respect the people that act like other people are inferior or unworthy to play a game because they don't care enough to die 1000 times while trying to have fun, or aren't as adept at picking up complicated controls as some of the more hard core gamers are. Treating others like they aren't good enough isn't a good way to get people into gaming, because the average person prefers to go out and find things they're good at to pass their time.

As far as Dark Souls, it won't break the game to make it easier for some people. It would be easy enough to filter online to difficulty or experience levels within the game itself. Lower difficulties means other people can enjoy, instead of elitist feeling validated for being the only one's that can enjoy it.

uth111270d ago

So if a non-musician was reviewing a new musical instrument in a musicians magazine, and was playing it badly, they wouldn't get ridiculed for it? This isn't limited to a gaming mentality. Pick any hobby

EazyC1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

Eh. Musicianship is a tool of expression and an art of discipline that demands your engagement and input. It's productive, emotive and is a great way of meeting fascinating, interesting people in the real world. Learning to improvise in an Allan Holdsworth song is such a different talent to being able to come first in your BF 4 matches. The latter is worthless in comparison to true life achievement - which leads me to completely agree with the author.

Gaming, in my eyes, has "fun" in its quintessence. It's a passive pastime, there is no real active creativity or innovation going on. Plus, being good at gaming is something that people, by and large, don't really respect; you sat on your arse twiddling a controller by virtue of a false reality, well done. Any moron can get good at a game if they play it enough, ipso facto: being "good" at videogames is nothing to be proud of. So, I don't think it's imperative that a reviewer, or gamer is all that good, as it is simply not the object... Just enjoy yourself.

Videogaming is like watching TV, although engaging and an effective vessel in which to tell a story, it doesn't enrich you as a human being, or benefit others. But it doesn't have to be; to me it's like a mental decompression, a cathartic release.

Now, creating a game -- that's another story. I'm merely talking about the act of playing.

daxrocket1269d ago

The problem with your statement is that you are implying that to be good at playing an instrument you must be a natural, you have to learn to be good at an instrument, same as gaming and people may not respect a random gamer being good, but the pros are definitely respected, watch a professional gamer play and tell me any moron can be that good, also most people don't expect the reviewer to be a god, they expect them to at least be decent

EazyC1269d ago

No, you don't, but I think to really become a great player you must learn how to express yourself, which demands creative active input - think of Guthrie Govan vs.Jason Richardson ; the first is immensely talented, creative and spontaneous - a master of improvisation and most styles ; the other is the product of HOURS of practicing to a metronome, but sounds like a robot, and his compositions are just bland.

Gamers fall into the second category. It's like someone who can solve a rubiks cube in 10 seconds. It's just a mechanical process of muscle memory. No passion, no craft, no real talent.

aquaticDonut1269d ago

You can listen to music and give a review on it. Same for movies, books, dances, etc. Gaming is the only artistic medium that demands something of its audience, which inherently limits it, even more so when the community demeans people trying to figure out how to use a strange controller with 18 buttons on it.

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