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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has proven to be one of the series’ high points and a grand way to send off one of the most iconic characters in gaming. For years, Nathan Drake has defined what an action hero should be; brave, fearless, strong, and grounded in reality. Even though Nathan and his counterparts share the limelight, it is the diabolical villains that truly elevate a story about friendship and romance into a story about overcoming very harsh odds. The following list takes these powerful antagonists and pits them against each other in the ranking of the evilest Uncharted villains. To qualify the twelve evil doers either had to be leaders of coalitions fighting against Drake, or ancient species who guarded the world’s most irresistible treasures. Anyone from the game’s “main” four games will be counted. Seeing as Golden Abyss was not really developed by Naughty Dog, villains from the Vita hit will not be included. The most important aspects I’m analysing here are; how deep their narrative is, the danger they pose to Nathan Drake, how well they are acted and how they impacted the Uncharted series as a whole.
Spoiler warning; some strong plot spoilers ahead for every Uncharted game on the Ps3 or Ps4.

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Null19801270d ago

You're right. #1 was a cop-out. I was about to approve the article until I saw it.

Ibejared1270d ago

Your opinion means a lot but ultimately I could not pick a winner. I Justify myself correctly and if it wasn't for Nate's curiosity he would not even be where he was in any of the games.

BarneyS1269d ago

I might be a bit late but you made a few small mistakes (I assume you're the writer).
Lazarevich is from Uncharted 2 and Navarro is from the first Uncharted.
Other than that, great read!

Thatguy-3101270d ago

I think Rafe was simply the best. He had more depth to his character and to me he was a good mixture of what made lazarevich and Marlowe good as well.

Null19801270d ago

I liked him too.SPOILERS: Nadine backed away when it became evident that her only driving motive was the money, but the sheer madman ludicrousy of Rafe's final sword battle was awesome. He was crazy until the end. :)

Thatguy-3101270d ago

Yea he was intimidating, ruthless and smart

Ibejared1270d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

While he was a ruthless villain I personally did not see his depth in character. He was just a rich kid who wants to be proven. He barely had meaningful motivation for what he did, he just wanted to be the best. While that is an adequate motivation it was not as strong as the moment Nadine walks out on everything. Think about it no other person INCLUDING Drake could ever do something like that, it was very symbolic while Rafe was just another angry boss slain by Nathan.

Pozzle1269d ago

I don't know, I'd say being a rich kid who wants to prove himself is a pretty decent motivation. It might not make him the deepest character in Uncharted, but his reasoning made sense and his insane desperation after 10 years of searching made him a pretty intimidating villain. And his cold, empty eyes.....creepy!

game4funz1269d ago

So. A rich white kid that acts like a punk is ...the best villian???

Vote for Alcazar.

Sciurus_vulgaris1270d ago

Enemy types aren't even characters .

76erz241269d ago

C'mon Lazarevich is such a great 80s style pulp villain and he doesnt get enough credit. He's not deep but for a game like uncharted 2 he's perfect.

Ibejared1269d ago

You're right, for Uncahrted 2. Putting limits on him and labeling him as a "pulp fiction" character doesn't give him the right to jump ahead of people who have real heart to heart characters that are deep and complex. But you are right he was one of the tougher ones to rank.

zombiewombie1269d ago

Henry Avery is the best villain of the Uncharted Series. The dude murdered everyone! From the people of his time to the people that followed centuries after! The greed and desire his treasure hoard brought to people in search of it killed them all.

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