6 Incredible, Tiny Details You Probably Didn’t Notice in Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4's art direction has helped to make it one of the most beautiful games this year. Here are 6 tiny details you probably didn't notice that helped make it an incredible experience.

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isarai1273d ago

Or how about the fact that when squeezing through gaps any gun strapped to his back will make noise as it scrapes the surface behind him, or that his chest hair blows in the wind, or that his hair gets all "flappy" when wet, or that his pupils dialate according to light intensity, or how characters wence and turn their head when you shine a light in their face, i could go on, but damn this game for setting such a high bar

1273d ago
scark921273d ago

Seeing Drake gripping with effort hurts my fingers, also we all know why you took a picture of the glass xD still impressive though.

NoctisPendragon1273d ago

What is important is that they were the 1st one to do some of the things you cited .

Silly Mammo1273d ago ShowReplies(1)
jb2271271d ago

2 things not mentioned here that really caught my eye were the swarms of gnats & bugs that would fly around you in boggy areas, and also the give & sway of poles or trees you swing on. One section in particular where you are at the auction & swinging off of a brass pole anchored on both ends shows the pole bending with your weight more the further you get to the center. Just amazing stuff.

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PaleMoonDeath1273d ago

The Order has similair visuals and touches on smaller details but still failed to be entertaining as a game, I thought it was tech limit or something..but after UC4, The Order just sucked as a game period.

PaleMoonDeath1273d ago

Wonder what the disagrees are for, The Order was terrible. After UC4 it's nothing more than a visual tech demo in my eyes.

OB1Biker1273d ago

'Wonder what the disagrees are for, The Order was terrible'
Disagrees mean people are expressing a disagreement if thats a concept you can understand

PaleMoonDeath1273d ago

Yeah I get it, if anyone here is trying to defend The Order 1886.. you're nuts. Terrible game.

Exari1273d ago

disappointing? yes, lacked replay value? yes, short? yes,

now terrible? hell no. the order was in no way terrible.

BrianOBlivion1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

@ Twiggy
Wtf is wrong with you!?
It had some flaws, most games do, but I really enjoyed The Order. Obviously a lot of other people did too. Your opinion of the game is a minority opinion. Try to come to terms with it.

Erik73571273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )


It's a minority opinion on a site full of sony fanboys lmao

THe order was honestly a pretty bad game and at best it was mediocre. Only cool part about it were the lycans and even then you barely got to see them and the same same stupid boss fights, something halo 5 got a lot of flack for.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that doesn't stop yours from looking stupid from a logical person's perspective!

MagicBeanz1272d ago

You're entitled to your opinion just as other are entitled to theirs, you think The Order was "terrible" well it wasn't, but maybe the disagrees are coming from the fact that you used this article for the sole purpose of crapping on a game some people actually liked. Really whats more nuts, defending The Order from a person attacking it, or doing what you did and going off topic for your little hate rant?

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BlakHavoc1273d ago

Order was beautiful as well but I think it's a notch below UC4 in terms of visuals.

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blakstarz1273d ago

The Order was a good game IMO..maybe it sucked to you, but to a lot of people it didn't. Some people like twitch shooters, run-n-gun. But some like QTE and Point and Click. And when its time for action, The Order didn't disappoint to me, play it on hard and its no cakewalk!

The Order is not for everyone and you just happen to be one of them obviously, but to say it sucked or is terrible, that's your perception. The visuals in the Order to me where incredible for a dev team that mainly made handheld games. I give RAD major props for their first attempt at a console game and I do hope that make a sequel to it.

Erik73571273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Yea cause we all love terrible dailauge, 5 hour long games, and having a game marketed on lycans but not really having any combat or encounters with lycans but 2 times and it was all quick time events for the only 2 encounters with them, and the same shitty boss fight, and the forcing of looking at objects for 30 seconds, and the shitty ai, and the shitty ending, and the shitty story, the shitty stealth sections, oh and of course you gotta top the cherry off with this game with photo realistic flaccid penises.

And everyone hated it but fanboys on this site....

I mean if the Order isn't bad then no game is lmao.... it had pretty graphics, cool guns, and a cool universe.....everything else suckeddddddddddddddddddddddddd dddddddddddd with another d on that

Heyxyz1273d ago

Ha ha, don't worry I agree with you (and I'm willing to accept my down votes)! The Order was abysmal. I got the platinum in 8 hours and I was bored every minute. The shooting was bad, the gameplay was stiff, and the story was predictable. Like you said, the order is just horrible. It's next to Brink and Haze on my horrible game list.

Uncharted 4 is the game Ps4 owners deserve.

Dark_Knightmare21273d ago

I enjoyed my 2 playthroughs and would probably rate it a solid 7. Just wondering what about the shooting was bad to you because to me it was smooth and just like any other third person cover shooter nothing about it was broken,stiff etc and same goes for game play.

scark921273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I enjoyed The Order shooting gameplay, but I got a lend of it so I can understand the frustration, and I disliked the forced walking sections but I enjoyed the game.

Erik73571273d ago

I mean the shooting was actually well done but the actual combat of fighting and ai were terrible.

It was a huge missed opportunity and who ever designed the guns and graphics for the Order should be given a medal cause they made the only redeeming factor of that game.

Erik73571273d ago

Honestly if The Order is not a terrible game than no game is a terrible game haha

XanderZane1272d ago

UC4 blows The Order 1886 away by a billion miles in every category.

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Sm00thNinja1273d ago

Just beat it tonight and I gotta say while it's fantastic in so many rights. That ending boss fight keeps it from perfection... so frustrating! The details throughout put this game in a league of its own though. Gonna be hard going back to other games after this...

Rob_Ko1273d ago

really ? For me it was amazing, epic fight, definitely best end boss battle in a series by a long shot.

Sm00thNinja1273d ago

A guessing game? Best in series? Wow I guess that's your opinion the fight just lacked any gravity it just seemed like an afterthought going through the game on crushing now hopefully it's not as frustrating as I'm expecting. Did you think the last act was a little overdrawn?

mike32UK1273d ago

Im with you, I loved the boss fight definitely the best in the series in my opinion. Storywise, It felt completely natural and fitting with the rest of the game. I played on hard, it took me a good 40 minutes to win the fight but what fun would it be if it was easy. Not only this but the final section literally felt like I was in the Goonies movie and that for me was a huge win!

RedDevils1273d ago

The boss fighting was quite too easy for me compare to UC 2 and 3.

Sm00thNinja1273d ago

I'm so glad the bubble system is gone if have lost 3 bubbles by now for speaking against this game lmao. Back on topic, mike32 it took you 40 min to beat this fight? It was pretty simple left or right, easiest boss fight in the series even if it was a frustrating guessing game. Like I said to all the disagrees the rest of the game was near perfection just the last act was overly long and the boss fight was disappointing. To each his own

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pyroxxx1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

I dont hate the last boss . Thought that the whole sequence is pretty well made,.. on crushing you can use and (probably need to) cheats though, slow down time,.. hell even on hard he is pretty fast and hard to read(think the exploding mummy part will be the most painful,.. People say walk slow works ,.. but I don't think so,.. you simply need to memorize where to jump ,.. see youtube vid)
Don't think it is overdrawn ,.. but the game as a whole is pretty damn long,.. especially if you explore a lot and try to clear all the trophies in one run,.. totally seams like it brakes the pace a lot,.. seams to damn drag at the ending),.. but then again when you are doing speed run,.. actually feels shorter than you'd want

Sm00thNinja1273d ago

This I totally can agree on

mike32UK1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

As for the epilogue, I thought it was a perfect end to the series. My only two qualms with the entire game are: 1. that we didn't get to see Chloe. 2. I feel like for how the game is meant to be played (I.e ballsy skin of your teeth action and fights) hard mode doesn't really cater to this, every time I tried to do something cool in a fight id be gunned down in a second of leaping from cover.

BlakHavoc1273d ago

What frustrated you? Lol it was pretty simple, block left, block right, punch him.

Sm00thNinja1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

It was too simple some lefts looked right. You could even press triangle and circle and complete the sequence it seemed like an afterthought. It wasnt hard going through on crushing now. The only part I fear is the Avery ma***** ambush

OB1Biker1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

First I hope people are aware these are SPOILERS if they didnt finish...
I dont think previous uncharted final boss fights were amazing. I didnt like the one in U2 and preferred the one in U3 but it felt too easy IMO. I really liked this U4 final boss as it really stood out IMO Im not sure what you find frustrating
At first I was disapointed not to fight Nadine but then I felt it fit in the story as 'let it go' theme
Loved the way you got from old graphics to new graphics in the epilogue. Was mind blowing I was like 'is this really in the game?'

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dizeestl1273d ago ShowReplies(8)
BlakHavoc1273d ago

Most immersive world I've ever experienced. I can't tell ya how in awe I was during the Island chapters. Just beautiful, bravo to whoever the artists are behind those concepts.

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