Gran Turismo Sport’s Graphics Are Fine, But they Shouldn’t Be the Focus

Yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled GT Sport, or Gran Turismo Sport (however you want to call it), but the reveal has been met with negativity by a vocal percentage of those who saw it.

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Abash1279d ago

The visuals should not have been the focus of yesterday's event, clearly that area has not been polished yet.

Abriael1279d ago

And they weren't. The racing and competition were.

Abash1279d ago

All previews focused on the visuals. I guess Polphony should have made it much clearer that they weren't representative of the final product, they seem to have underestimated how some would overreact to the lack of polish

Abriael1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"All previews focused on the visuals."

That's not necessarily because the event focused on visuals, as IMHO The event was quite evidently focused on racing and on the competitive aspect of the game.

They had a 4 minutes of beauty footage and close to two hours of racing and competition, plus all the stuff that wasn't broadcasted.

The previews focused on visuals because those writers know squat of racing simulation. Guess they can't write what they know nothing about. But that's an old problem.

Abash1279d ago

"That's not necessarily because the event focused on visuals"

Never once said Polyphony held the event to focus on the visuals, the fact that you are getting that from my responses is really weird. But you can't deny that previews chose to focus on primarily on the visuals, when that area was clearly unpolished. I am saying that should have not been the focus OF THE GAMING PRESS at the event yesterday. Polyphony though should have repeatedly emphasized how the visuals had still a lot of polish left to be applied to them

Abriael1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

We're basically saying the same thing lol.

That said, it was mentioned at multiple points during the livestream, and AFAIK it was told to the press several times. Of course this doesn't mean that they listened. It really does sound ludicrous to me to read a 800 word preview of a game in which 5 are about the gameplay.

Apocalypse Shadow1279d ago

Anyone watching the YouTube stream could clearly see it was focusing on competition with sports commentators, replays of overtaking positions, trophies, etc. Those hating an unfinished game before playing the final build are clueless.

Now, if I watched the stream, and all they talked about was car detail, foliage, lighting, physics, etc, then I can say they were focusing on graphics like some other developer does.

Those disappointed in having to wait for GT7,I sympathize with you. I'm waiting too. But for those wanting a VR racing game with international competition sanctioned by the FIA, well, here's the game for you. I mean, it only make sense that it's not called Gran Turismo 7. Like the uncharted game for cell phones is not called uncharted 5. It's called "fortune hunter." Or Forza Horizon is not given a sequel number like "Forza 7."or graphically doesn't touch the main Forza game.

People say Sony needs to support its products with games, but when they do that, some gamers complain they shouldn't because their entitled to something else they really wanted. Sucks to be you and the entitled impatience. Somebody has to support VR. Is polyphony not allowed to?

And, one company, although great at spitting out more racing titles to try and overshadow another title synonymous with "DRIVING, " still has not overshadowed the other when it comes to worldwide respect when you have to give it away in bundles. Sometimes, up to five games for free with a console to make it seem relevant.

When any of the other car games have a developer who is a real race car driver, when they have concept cars made in their name like "Forza Corvette GT special" or "Project cars Ferrari sports coupe" or something like that, or has as many international awards, or makes real race cars drivers out of gamers who go on to compete......

Let us know. They would have finally caught up.

morganfell1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


You aren't saying the same thing. He said "The visuals should not have been the focus of yesterday's event, clearly that area has not been polished yet."

You are saying the visuals should not have been the focus of the previews written by various outlets. Two entire different matters. He is following suit on what was reported by individuals that failed to account for everything else the game brings besides visuals.

He even backs this up by focusing on visuals in his next post. Instead of saying outlets should have reported on the other 90% of the game he stays with his graphics narrative.

dcbronco1279d ago

People need to be more aware when they are setting a tone. Playstation fans have been pushing the"graphics are king" idea for ten years now. GT has been one of the franchises used to showcase that idea. Now that they what to add things like weather and real-time damage physics they are having to adjust things and work out a balance between the different demands for resources.

You've focused on the graphics for years. Now you might have to realize the cost of adding new features. They have always been able to push those graphics. Time will tell if the profit first mentality of current generation consoles can rise to the graphics levels of the past and offer features, many of which should have been around a long time ago.

Be careful about the tone you set. It will bite you again and again.

Rookie_Monster1279d ago


You are one of the most knowledgeable poster on N4G. All your posts are awesome and what you said here is defintely very true. Kudos

rainslacker1279d ago

While GT has always pushed visuals, I think the dev is more concerned with the feel of the car, and the dynamics of the race. He goes to great effort to get those dynamics right, although some things have varying degrees of implementation.

I think the visuals are just because he loves cars so much, and wants to show them off, and Sony gave him a platform which he could do that.

1279d ago
Ding1279d ago

Abriael11h ago(Edited 11h ago)
"All previews focused on the visuals."

That's not necessarily because the event focused on visuals, as IMHO The event was quite evidently focused on racing and on the competitive aspect of the game.

BS Eurogamer / Video Gamers headlines were all about the graphics.. You did another article which asked where was the damage model, what about weather etc, why is that kid??? GT 3 A Spec

was doing night racing AND weather effects back in 2001, GT 6 is the ONLY game you could put against Drive club in the weather/night stakes.

Yet Forza 6 only offers Night OR Weather

They had a 4 minutes of beauty footage and close to two hours of racing and competition, plus all the stuff that wasn't broadcasted.

Problem is junior, that GT 5 Prologue

was being shown in 2008 running in UltraHD [before it was actually CALLED UltraHD] and 240FPS.. You stated that the game was being OPTIMISED for 60FPS, but WHAT resolution?? Lets do some maffs shall we???

GT 4
could actually handle 1080 60 [HD Ready] via Component colourspace btw note when the screen is changed it goes wierd and THAT is why there is no such thing as "Dynamic Resolution" in HD. The VRAM has to reset itself for the new res/bitdepth. Same as when changing channels
The previews focused on visuals because those writers know squat of racing simulation. Guess they can't write what they know nothing about. But that's an old problem.

And you do junior?? If you knew jack, you'd know that GT Sports is a split off of GT 6, where the FIA checked GT 6s tracks and found them exactly the same as their OWN data in their database. They initially checked 4 tracks, Suzuka [GT 5 Prologue]

Batthurst [GT 6]

Silverstone [home of GT Academy .. duh]

Brands Hatch

even a monkey with a lobotomy should be able to realise that GT S shouldn't look any WORSE than GT 6 and there are few to no racing sims which look as good.

Personally I think these vids have been doctored/ poorly compressed here is Nordschliefe running in GT 5 & 6 can you see anywhere the trees are clumped together even in the Green

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Fin_The_Human1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Before the Gears apha beta was released Rod said that the objective of the Alpha Beta was to stress test the online multiplayer but that did not stop Sony fanboys and gaming sites from calling the graphics bad and that they look like 360 graphics.

Doabarrelroll1279d ago

And those same people that where defending it are trolling here and every GT article what's your point?

Gol3m1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

The difference is if you actually do a little extra looking you'll see that GTS already looks better than Forza in all aspects. More realistic colours for sure. There's like the one static shot with the 2d tree in 1 section of the video that is an issue. Whereas if you watch the 37m video posted in another article the whole nordshleife track bar that one spot is densely populated with 3d assets. But the one static shot is the one that the fanboys of the other console are clinging too. Whereas the whole of the gears beta looked old hat

rainslacker1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

And as of yet, we don't know if their trolling was justified because GeOW hasn't released yet. Only difference this time is who's doing the trolling. I would say that all the PS4 fan boys are defending the same way X1 fan boys were. I'll also go on to say that all these calls of hypocrisy are just diverting from the subject at hand, but one's ego is more important than the games themselves.

That being said, while people are pointing out some flaws from the footage given so far, the game still looks good. Maybe not as good as I would have expected, but nothing that's going to turn me off of the game, because the races themselves looked great.

stuna11279d ago

You're sure one to talk! You were so defensive over GeoW some would have thought you had on a suit of amour.

hardcorehenry1279d ago

Bunch of retards trying to hump the same doorknob. Graphics can be underwhelming on ps4 as they can be on x1. Life continues.

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butchertroll1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Abash, there were 2 different builds : one in trailer and one at the event. Did you saw a gameplay builds? Visuals are damn fine.

Or check this video :

Rookie_Monster1279d ago

They have no choice as that is expected on developing games with PSVR in mind. Resourced are needed to make sure they can get 980xRGBx1080p per eye for the resolution. Many were hoping that VR is an add on mode and that the full game without VR can take advantage on the PS4 entirely. Oh well, we have to wait for GT7 for that dream, then.

Eonjay1279d ago

So, when you are proven wrong, what then?

Rookie_Monster1279d ago

If I'm proven wrong, great, as that means my $400 investment in the PSVR will be more worth it and awesome. :)

magiciandude1279d ago

No they aren't. This is by far the WORST looking driving game this gen. They look abysmal and unacceptable.

Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I agree!! It Looks like an unfinished game to me

Oh wait it actually is...

Abriael1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Love how people online abuse the word "unacceptable."

Incientally, this isn't even close to be the worst looking driving game this generation. The cars look better than in most (Driveclub aside, for obvious reasons), and the environments are clearly unfinished.

Obscure_Observer1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )


I respectfuly disagree. This is a unacceptable indeed. People need to put their egos and pride aside and see reality as it is. This is NOT about PS4. The PS4 has proven to be the most powerful console this gen, and all Polyphony is doing is give Sony a bad name.

Yamauchi was overprotected by Sony for far too long! It´s time to face and endure some serius pressure and constructive criticism from media and fans alike.

This game is taking forever while Forza have 2 iterations and a PC port this gen.

And after all this time Polyphony just canceled the beta AND now are claiming that GT Sport is only 50% completed when they already set a release date for November???

That´s a flat out lie!

Aloy-Boyfriend1279d ago

Leave to the edgy people of N4g.

The VR version should be the one that looks worse because it must sacrifice graphics for performance, while the normal version will look like it should.

So tha's why I'm waiting to see more before talking shit, and give them the benefit of the doubt.

2pacalypsenow1279d ago

Ignore this guy he praises every Xbox 1 games as a AAAA masterpiece GOTY and trashes every PS4 game

Gol3m1279d ago

It's an early fanboy defense mechanism. Need to get in early with the negativity to try destroy any hype. I watched that video along with a few others and it looked damned great. I know I'll get disagrees but only Drive club looks better

magiciandude1279d ago

@Gol3m and 2pacalypsenow

Started noticing how those trees in the video and the GIF image rotate toward the direction of the camera. You should look for that too. Nothing impressive at all, especially for a PS4 first party exclusive launching 3 years into the lifespan...

Gol3m1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Magician dude I just watched the short gif I posted and the trees don't rotate at all. Nice try though. Keep up the good fight

rainslacker1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

@Magician on trees rotating

LOL, all games do that. Trust me, go to Forza, you'll see the same thing. Go to UC4, you'll see the same thing. Only trees that don't rotate are those closer to the foreground. Every foliage maker on the market works this way as they occlude the back of the tree. The only reason you noticed it is because I'd call those foreground trees. One instance in a long trailer and subsequent videos to release afterwards, while all other videos show really nice foliage.


Yes, and you still don't know what you're talking about. Seriously, go look at other games. Unless your a 10-20 meters from the tree, it's going to rotate. Some trees won't, some will. It'll depend on the cut off point for drawing the tree as established by the dev. If you look at these trees, they are mostly symmetrical, to allow rotation, as well as having less objects, which keeping multiple object instances. Generally the only trees which don't fall into this category are ones you can walk right up to due to level design implications.

magiciandude1279d ago

@rainslacker, I am talking about the trees RIGHT BY THE TRACK not the BG lmao!

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FITgamer1279d ago

Do you even play games? Looking at your comment history, you've been putting in overtime in pretty much every GT Sport article the last 2 days.

magiciandude1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Yeah, I was playing Uncharted 4 for a few hours last night, kicking ass and what not. ;)

Gol3m1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


He is exactly what you think he is.

Here's a snippet of a comment

'Unfortunately, the real problem is the fanboys that foam at the mouth at any valid criticism or over the smallest issues toward their company of worship. These kind of people far outnumber the more sensible bunch on this site like Septic, gangsta_red, Christocolus, Rookie_Monster, moldybread, maniacmayhem, FlexLuger, PistolsAtDawn, Death, Crimzon, 313_Guilty_Spark, and a few others. These people all have one thing in common, but you know what that is.'

Not to mention he calls every xbox one exclusive a AAAA. He's a fan bitch troll like the others he listed in his pathetic post above

2pacalypsenow1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


Uncharted 4 "This game wasn't all that great to begin with IMO. I was expecting it to be the very best game ever made, but there are several issues holding it back like QTEs, basic shallow combat, and a severely cliched, unoriginal story. Because of this, no negative feedback bothers me."

Yeah but kicking ass in uncharted 4? But how many times can you write AAAA masterpiece on any Xbox one exclusive? Dude youre not fooling anyone

Sea of thieves - "OMG this ultra gorgeous picture for this AAAA pirate adventure is so absurdly amazing. The hype just reached whole new heights!"

Forza 6 - "Forza is truly an ultra amazing franchise with the very best graphics, features, and selection of cars in existence. Nothing has topped it, and probably nothing ever will."

"This AAAA driving simulator is ultra amazing. The quality of visuals are unmatched and the gameplay has awesome features, controls, selection of cars, everything you would want in a driving simulator. Seriously the very best driving simulator I've ever played!

Nascar is only going to make this ultra amazing AAAA driving simulator far better! :D"

lol dude you are the definition of fanboy

magiciandude1279d ago

Lmao UC4 isn't the best game I thought it would be, but that still doesn't mean I am not kicking ass on the game haha. Nice try dude. :D

Not sure if it is because I have been playing Dark Souls III and have been amazing at it, though both games couldn't be any more different.

But yeah, Xbox is the home of AAAA gaming. Can't lie about that!

CernaML1279d ago


Is that why there has yet to be a single 90+ rated exclusive on your AAAABox One?

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rainslacker1279d ago

I would say QB is the worst looking AAA adventure game this gen. But wouldn't say it's abysmal and unacceptable.

Luckily for you, you don't have a PS4, so you don't have to accept it. However, I do wonder how you manage to cope on the X1 if you're this hung up on graphics.

magiciandude1279d ago

Hahaha love this classic, "you don't have a PS4."

How am I playing Uncharted 4 and the PS4 version of Dark Souls III? LMAO!

Here is a photo of my beautiful white Destiny Taken King PS4:

Haha xD

rainslacker1279d ago

That's what everyone keeps asking, and you keep posting a picture of a white destiny PS4 as proof. But you don't have anything positive to say about any Sony exclusive, so it makes me wonder why you bother with the system. Even the games you're playing you bring down, although don't really know your thoughts on DS3.

Don't blame me that you have the reputation as a troll. If you tried to maintain some level of impartiality, or showed any interest in the PS games at all, maybe people would take you more seriously.

Mr-Dude1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Your picture of the white PS4 is the same crappy picture Rookie_Monster shows everytime we ask him, or he feels cornerd. You do the same. That picture doesn't proof a f***ng thing. Put a written name (your n4g name) or a gamertag with it... Thats proof.. Not some random picture, which btw everybody can make an add to their "photobucket collection"

I can add a picture of a ferrari and a beautiful woman, and add that to my photobucket collection, and do the same like you trolls do, show it to everybody but it's still fake...
So no, you don't have a PS4, you are a trolling liar, just like Rookie_Monster.

Proof me wrong

1279d ago
TwoForce1279d ago

Well well ! You are officially an arrogant Xbot person ever ! That make me feel you are dickhead.

kraenk121279d ago

You only pretend to care because it makes you feel more happy to own your XBox.

D3TH_D33LR1278d ago

lol you have the most clickbait bs troll vocabulary I've seen in a while.

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1279d ago Replies(2)
Doabarrelroll1279d ago

Let's go through the list of games Xbox trolls have claimed were downgraded only for them to look amazing.

Infamous SS
KZ shadow fall
And now GTS, when will you guys learn

Brettman20081279d ago

I think the question will be whether the game will have much improved AI and sound as the previous games have been terrible in these areas. I think Digital Polyphony are over rated and not a patch on Turn 10 or Codemasters.

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