Official: New 80GB Bundles Not Coming to the UK

Official word from SCEE regarding the availability of the two recently announced European PS3 bundles: "The UK does not generally offer hard bundles. These particular bundles are not Europe-wide and will not be offered to the UK market."

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whoelse3705d ago

They're missing a great opportunity with LBP!!!!

DolphGB3705d ago

The article doesn't say LBP won't come as a bundle.

Certainly, the latest EU bundles are not coming to the UK - that's for sure. But SCEE surely must do an LBP hard bundle regardless as it will be close to Christmas, mustn't they??

metalhead3705d ago

hey u guys are still getting the 160gb so dont fret

DolphGB3705d ago

...although MCV are now reporting that the 160Gb is now a 'limited edition' rather than a full-blown SKU.

“The 160GB is a limited edition that we’re doing to see how it goes in all the territories,” SCEE president David Reeves told MCV. “If you look at the reaction on MCV’s website, people are responding to the news by saying ‘I want a 500GB PS3’, but other people are saying ‘I haven’t filled up any of my hard drive’.”

Mind you, the HDD is so stupidly easy to switch out, HDD size doesn't really make a lot of difference. I'm running 250Gb at the moment...

whoelse3705d ago

It was always going to be limited. They said that at leipzig.

dro3705d ago

i alerday got a ps3 so im good ;D

dale13705d ago

all retailers do there own bundles so no news here unless its the look of the box your after