Mirror's Edge Catalyst's Open World is Huge, Says Developer

The world of Mirror's Edge is huge and fully explorable.

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dragonopt11953d ago

After playing the Overwatch beta I bought this instead. Felt like I'd get more enjoyment out of this game in the long run. Played the beta and the gameplay was nice and fluid, graphics were really good as well. Enjoyed the first one and was reading this one has a better story which was the only thing the last one was lacking

annoyedgamer1953d ago

Since when do the developers say something bad about their own game?

calvincrack1953d ago

Bass is biggest ever seen, says fisherman.

Salooh1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Very cool , will have some time to play overwatch than..

I really wish if it sell well. This game deserves it.