My Top 5 Overwatch Characters

With Overwatch launching in a few day Poli Games host,Joseph, decided to
share his top 5 favorite characters of the game so far! But, what are your favorite characters so far?

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Poli_Games1270d ago

Hey gang! I want to know what are some of your favorite characters in the game so far? If you haven't gave Overwatch a shot well... why not?!

Swiftfox1270d ago

2. Hanzo
3. Lucio
4. Zarya
5. RoadHog

You'll notice a profound lack of attacker types, well it's because most attacker slots where quick selected before the match, and I'm the type of player who likes to fill holes and switch characters to support the team. =) I'd like to get better with Tracer and Genji, and I want to try Widowmaker at least once.

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